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"I stood firm for so many years and have not faltered ; the day you touched me, my legs shook"

In Reyansh's Cabin

He was pinning her, against his window while she looked behind her and realized how scary it was then looks at him, he gets closer leans towards her face and says-

"This..helps me to keep- my hands & lips busy, tell me if you can then i won't smoke" -

he whispers near her neck giving her goosebumps all over her body with his another hand he tucks her hair behind her ears enjoying her fregrance

Reyansh thinking - years back the girl i used to call a kid , has now grown older and irresistable asf, why do i feel obsessed towards her this much fuck, Reyansh control yourself.

Where on the other side her jaws clenched and she was clenching her fist she was definitely nervous and the tension was real between
She pushes him slightly and moves in another durection looking away from him and says

"The admission, ... i am here to talk abt it proceed further s-stop behaving in this- way-" she says apprehensively

Listening her anxious voice he says - "you definitely enjoyed it Ms. Pandey"

"I am not here for your disgusting talks, kaam ki baat karo" - she says

"I have a condition tho" - says Reyansh

" If you want Ayesha to get Admission in DU, you have to attend an event with me" - he continues.

"Event? Kaisa event? Kiska event? Or kyu" - Ananya asks.

"Woh janne ki zarurat nhi hai, you have to just attend it with me, next week thats it?" - he says

"Oh c'mon ik this can never be this easy add what twist an turn you want to" - she says dramatically

"Hahah yk me well" he smiles and says
"But you have to attend it as my girlfriend" - he says in a serious voice

"Wait, NO cancel it, i am out no way." - she says in a panic voice

"Sochlo an event will decide your sister's future, or ek baat or jo ek baar DU se reject hojaaye woh kabhi kisi bhi college mai admission nhi le pata, choice is yours- wanna ruin your sister's life? Go ahead, wanna save it? Do whatever i say MS. PANDEY." - he orders

"Yk it really well mai ye kabhi bhi nhi karungi, and whats the need of me being your girlfriend there, ofc koi faida hi hoga, oh wait Mr. Reyansh Rudra Agnihotry kabhi bhi apne faide ke bina koi step thodi leta hai ryt? Selfishness ofc, i am turning down your fuckin condition" - she says angrily and
was abt to leave his cabin but he holds her wrist and pulls her back towards him making her look into his eyes

"Yes i do everything for my own sake but i never ever hurted you remember that, it was always your choice" - he says

"Yes loving you was always my choice, but using me was yours DONT FORGET IT, it was you who ruined my life who made me distant myself from everyone thats what you did" - she screams on him and was trying to escape her wrist from his grip

"Yes i did but, ye mat bhulo ki tum hamesha uss pinjadee se azaad hona chahti thi jisme tumhe tumhare parents ne kaid karke rkha tha it was you who always wanted to go away from them NOT ME, i did used you but kya kaha tha maine starting mai, stay away why are you skipping that part, you always said i made you feel special, but i always denied you to leave but nahi IT WAS YOUR OWN FUCKIN CHOICE" - He says angrily

"Your fake promises were enough to shatter anyone into pieces, use karna toh bahot ache se aata hai na"

"USE USE USE ... WHEN DID I DO??" - says Reyansh in a loud tone

"YOU DID USED ME YOU ALWAYS DID" She says in louder voice and tears were rolling down her cheeks,

"Stop screaming lower your vkice ananya" - he says

she finally gets off his hand's grip and looks at him

"The day you last texted me was the day you took everything away from me i risked everything for you and you choose to leave, you finally confessed it that it was all a part of game to take revenge from my dad, kabhi khud ke elawa kisi or ke baare mai toh socha karo" - she was maintaining her eye contact with him

"And yk whats the best part i am healing from all those stuffs, moving on FROM YOU and your MEMORIES" - she adds

"You are moving on? From my memories? Lol, that's why you are still wearing that bracelet i gave you, stop pretending atleast" - he says

"Meri koi Dushmani nhi hai Ayesha se i will sign her registration form, but coming in that event is necessary for you too kyunki..woh hamare kisi common friend ki wish hai and i hope you understand who it can be" - says Reyansh in a upset voice

"Usne mujhse bss ek request ki thi to call you there, everybody knows ki hamaare beech nothing is like before but Maa she dont know, she will be there too and i dont want to make her feel abrupt cz of us, so please and yk it really well mai request jaldi nhi karta baaki choice is yours" - he says

"Jo jhooth aaj tak unhe ko bola hai, uss event ke baad bataa dena unhe atleast she deserves to know" she turns back to look at him but he was sitting on the couch then sees he is lighting up another cigrette

So she goes and snatches away "Mai chali jaaungi toh karna smoke and i am leaving only" - she orders

So he pulls her by her waist and makes her sit on his lap suddenly he was starting at her lips

"Stop provoking me Ananya, your lips are already looking kissable to me, stop testing my patience, i wont stop if i started" - he says in a seductive deep voice

She stoods up and breaths heavily she was blushing and that was clear to Reyansh

"Tum...aise hi achi lagti ho, do not Cry for anyone or in any situation" - he says smiling slightly to her

Ananya - i- i- think i should- leave
"She takes her phone from the desk and embarrassingly she moves outside his cabin"


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