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"Insights of love"

Ananya was driving faster to reach the destination where the meeting was taking place, she was having thousands of intrusive thoughts, emotions, questions in her brain regarding all the stuffs happening in these days, there's not even a single day when she slept with a light heart, but cried each night and every moment to solve this riddle of life, love & empathy.
Speed of her car was increasing with each moment, she was zone out.

Her eyes were already teared up, street lights were flashing but the darkness inside her wasn't leaving.
Felt like the road was never ending
With no time, she finally reached her destinatipn the place where she will come across and face a lot of unexpected realities

Stopping the car on the open gate of the palace she notices alot of lights and greenery around her, no doubt the place was mesmerizing and unrealistic she steps out with her heels on & slamming the car's door.

An unsaid truth of her life that she has been the spoilest brat of her family, she fuxes her posture and walks infront of the enterance gate, the guards looks at her and asks for the pass, because the security there was beyond her expectations

"Ma'am to enter inside, you have to give a specific pass which is only and only alotted to the invited members here, without the pass we can't let you get in" guard utters

Ananya smirks and takes a deep breath looking down her heels and says "ig you are supposed to keep your mouth shut and bow down to the devil's to be wife?"

Everyone's (guards) eyes widen, they look at eachother with no clue, inside the main enterance Mayank notices the chaos there and reaches there just to see Ananya standing there

"Oh, Mayank thankgod you came here, these irrelevant humans are not able to recognize me and my worth, hope you will make them understand and let me get in" she pushes one of the guards with her hands softly and just rapidly runs inside the palace, Mayank jaws were dropped already he was not only shocked but was not in his senses

"Behenchod, ye kya tha" he says to one of the guards

"Aap khud shock main hai, or mujhse puch rhe?"  he looks at him

"Abey, kaha gyi ma'am shit" he runs inside  to look after ananya

"Ek min, Mr. Agnihotri ne ladki kab pataayi??" He says loudly to Mayank

"Tere janamdin per, per agar abhi woh nhi mili na toh hamaari tervi manaayi jaayegi chutiye, dhund unhe" Mayank replies in panic

Ananya takes a deep humph after successfully getting in and she was lost in the crowd was totally dufficult for anybody to find her

"Chalo kuch nhi toh iss mandbuddhi ne mujhe entry toh dilwai" she utters to herself

Walking into the crowd slowly while every men and women were staring at her, she was looking drop dead gorgeous everyone's eyes were stunned at her, she felt awkward to even speak out but she does it

"Aaa excuse me? Can you please tell me where's the meeting of your leader is taking place?" She asks one of the bar tender there

"Oh, beautiful that's taking place at backyard, but be safe there's only men with deadly backgrounds, i hope you are here with somebody" he replies

"No don't worry" she was abt to leave but  but the bartender interupts her

"Ma'am this is a complimentry shot which we would be honoured if you take in" he says while secretly add8ng some powder inside the drink

She looks at him and smiles and says "yeah sure"  

She drinks it with no second thought because it was just a shot for her but it was SPIKED  already.

She just takes her phone in her hands and rapidly goes near the root from where she will head in the backyard

Where on the other hand Mayank was continuously calling Ananya to atleast get the info, he was worried abt her, because he knew its the most dangerous where she was in, its a threat to her life

Reyansh on the other hand was busy in his meetings hearing all the confrontations abt the matter they all put up.
He was just listening to them with no expressions, but was only thinking abt that one girl he continuously was betraying but loving at the same time

It took ananya half an hour to find out the actual root, but her vision was blurred already she was walking senseless, she almost threw some of the glasses in the hands of waiters it was super easy for anyone to take advantage of her but she was trying her best to be in her senses

When she gets in the backyard her eyes straight away falls over the big dining table surrounded with so many businessmen and the head in the middle THE DEVIL
She was glancing at him but he was unaware of it the sky above them was dark and covered with a thin layer of clouds making the air around them flow softly, she walks towards the table in an inappropriaye walking manner, reaching at the edge of the table she slams it really hard that Reyansh just get to the reality from his thoughts and realizes it was Ananya infront of him his hands prolly his index finger was already placing at his lips and he was abt to react but stops himself because no one knew who was she and he has to pretend he never saw her
Everyone sitting over there were looking at her and notices her dress which was super revealing, specially Reyansh's eyes were staring her down head to toe,

A man whispers "fuck, she is such a.."

Reyansh gives him a death stare where ananya just went towards him and cups his cheeks just to peck his lips roughly leaving him shocked and unspeakable the music playing at the party & the people around them just went silent, because it was the first time happening that someone went that courageous to kiss DEVIL, till then as well Reyansh stopped himeelf from reacting and just pushed her away softly.

"Heyyyyy to everyoneee here, WHY Y'LL WENT SILENT & WHY THE MUSIC WENT DOWN I WAS VIBING SO WELLLL" ananya utters

Reyansh realizes she was drunk and was unstoppable at this point

From the other side Mayank ran inside pushing everyone away just to look at the chaos happened again
The silence was increasing his curiosity so he asks one of the stranger

"Hey, why everyone went silent? Smth happened?" He utters

"Just that drunk girl kissed the devil sitting there, trust me she will ne dead at the end of the party i mean that's impossible and crap to the devil's reputation" the stranger whispers

"Abey ooo angrez ki aulaad, bhabhi hai woh ham-" before he could complete his sentence Mihir jumps in and covers his mouth with his hands to shut his mouth up

"Bsdk, marwayega kya, dhindora peet de dhol du kya? Chup hoja" mihir scolds him with a dimmed voice

Mayank removes his hands aggressively and says slowly "abey saale kaunsa isko hindi aati hogi, angrez hai" 

"Ab ye jo raita faula hai isse samete yaa fur bakchodi hi karenge?" Mihir replies


Next part soon. (The table dance one obviously) XD

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