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"The moon taught me that there is beauty even in scars roo, that even when it don't feel whole....its enough"

Ananya runs out of his cabin and she hits to someone, unknown to her, she apologizes.

"I am really sorry, youa alright" that man was enchanted with her eyes so he kept on staring at her

"I m ok, hii btw..." while she was processing that what he is staring too ofc he was one of Reyansh's clients, however she could say anything Reyansh came out of his cabin standing behind her stares deep into the guy's soul and gives him a death glare when ananya accidently steps backwards she hits her head on his chest and looks back, notices that he almost creeped out his own client

"Stop staring at her, Mr. Malhotra you are here for dealings not to stare her"

His jaws flinches and he walks away because he knew the consequences.

"or tum aate jaate sabse bhidhti hi rho tum" says Reyansh

"Aao tumhara bhi sir diwaar mai bhidha du kya?" Says ananya

"Come lemme drop you" says Reyansh

"No thanks, i will manage" says ananya, she just wants to disappear from his sight

"Ms. Pandey this is my place, you cannot leave without my permission or my orders now come with me warna...yk"

Ananya takes a deep breath to calm her anger down, and walks with him down the stairs to the floor where jis memebers works when they walk down together everybody was looking at them trying to make there own assumptions of who is she
When of them murmers "looks like a new chick of boss, she is beautiful"

Ananya hears it and looks at him

"Chick? I won't mind choking you at air, and trust me your boss will do nothing"

Ananya says in her old tone which Reyansh use to hear he smiles but chooses not to react infront of her otherwise she may thought that he have feelings for her

(Time skips)

They were im the car heading back to her home but turns his car towards the coffee shop she works in, she notices

"Hey, idher kidher, andhera hone ko hai" she says

"Let's visit your fav place" says reyansh

Ananya gets a dejà vu and she remembers something

(4 years back)

"Yk wht's my fav place? The place where there is no one, outside the city, just like at the top of hill, whole city is visible cold soft breez,
touching my scars a dizzling weather when the sunsets and its dark,
dimmed light of moon with peace"
says ananya

" That's my favourite place and it is in Bangalore, i will show you one day to you." says Reyansh

(Back to the current time period)

After a long journey of 2 hrs with silence and no conversations between them they reach there till then it was dark
and when ananya looks outside the car's window she funds the exact same place she described to him years back her eyes were glowing differently at that point while Reyansh unexepctedly was adoring her, for her it was not less than a dream and a heaven on earth she gets out of the car and walks forward while Reyansh decides to let her enjoy her moment and watch her from a distance after a minute or 2 he decides to go and stand beside her

" I did promises to you years back, i didn't forget, and today i fulfilled one of those" - says Reyansh

"It's....beautiful, but iski koi zarurat nhi thi things are already ended &-"

He puts a tip of his finger on her lips "sh- kitna bolti ho, enjoy the moment you can fight me later" - he says

"She was definitely confused, but understood that he is stressed abt something thats why he came at this place, she still remembers that he always visit places like sea shores & dark gloomy peaceful places to calm himself, while he was staring at the moon remembering someone, it was clear he was hiding the stress behind those gloomy eyes"

"What are you stress about Reyansh" - says ananya.

"Stress? Nahi toh, i am not stressed" - says Reyansh

"Your eyes says it all, and you only visit these places when you are stressed, its just co incidently i am her to give you company, just like you remember abt my fav place, i still remember every single detail abt you" - says ananya

"He looks at her, and sits down on the rough surface of the earth leans back with the support of his both hands, he asks her to sit as well, so she does"

"I think i again...messed up, someone is spying on us specially you- i feel i am again threatening your life with my stupidness" - he says

"And how yk someone is spying us?" - says ananya

Then he takes out his phone & shows her tht picture he recieved that day from a private number

"Remember, this...this one" - he says
She looks at that picture and tries to analyse something

"a private number sent me this, everyone is searching abt whoever it is and i would definitely kill that person, actually i dont want someone to get hurt just beacuse of me, because she (referring to ananya) already feels i am the one who made her life hell, lol...ajeeb hai saalo beet gye per ...per kuch cheeze abhi bhi nhi badli" - he says

"Jaise ki?" - ananya asks

"Jaise ki...chaahe kitni bhi fights hojaye we are still hearing eachothers hurdles and hard situations, when no one does" - says Reyansh

"Because kuch aadatein are meant to be forever Reyansh, just like yours staring at the moon" - says ananya

"And yours...staring at me.."

he ends his sentence with a smile and looks at her while she was accurately staring at him she looks away, and try to control her emotions mending her scars.


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