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"It will never be us"

Reyansh was dragging her in, she was not able to utter a word infront of him but was able to sense his aggression towards her, which he wanted to let on someone but not her.

Ananya's pov

Why i was ever here why i took those steps, made me question my own existence i was hurt seeing him this brutual, i was hurt seeing him at this moment it was not him it was not the Reyansh i used to love
Waqt beet ta jaa rha tha, main kuch nhi keh paa rhi thi meri aankhe bayaan sab kar rhi thi per dikh usse kuch nhi rha tha andhera jo tha ham dono ke samne.
Life has always been unfair for both of us neither his past was easy nor mine we both survived.

Pov ends.

She was standing in the middle of the mansion at the centre point it was black out but his hands placement were closer to me
His hands grip were tighter on that baseball bat a lil white light was making their eyes shine at eachother
Reyansh breaks the eye contact

"Meri aankhe padhna band karo" (stop reading my eyes) he murmers near to her

"Kyu? Weak feel ho rha hai?" She says in a low voice holding his edge of the shirt
He puts finger of her lips and start observing the sound of feet coming towards them he was trying to catch the direction from where it was coming thru

Ananya gulps, Reyansh smirks and turns around to hit a human in dark with the baseball bat, the scream held out of the man's mouth, made ananya scared to the core of her heart she closed her eyes

"You are not fuckin supposed to close your eyes" he screams on her

He starts hitting the man again & again with the baseball bat makimg him bleed to death

"R-REYANSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING, FUCKIN LEAVE HIM HE WILL DIE" her voice was more louder than before & blood was soaking out of his hands while he was smirking, while his enemy the man was trues to stab him with the knife in his hands

He looks at her & says

Are you afraid, my lady? While snatching the knife from his enemy's hands and stabbing him in his throat, spouting his blood out of his body

He growns in a deep voice.

Hearing those voices everyone comes out of their rooms whatever happen no one was aware mayank, mihir & Roohi came downstairs slowly to have a look but nothing was visible no one was able to understand the situation

Mihir - what's wrong, kaha ho aap bhai, ye - whats happening or ye lights why are they off MAYANK ! jaaake power on kar

Mayank runs to the main switch while on the other hand ananya was shivering she was breaking down on her knees she was neither crying nor reacting over what was happening her grips on her hands were tighter

When the light in hall comes back to live everyone eyes lands towards the blood soaked floor and then on Reyansh who was heavily breathing and his hands were not soaked with blood of the man but his own, he was hurt while snatching the knife away but made sure that the man would not see sunrise the next morning.
He looks beside him towards ananya and give her a stare while she looks away frequently, this time it was visible that how badly she wants Reyansh to go far away from  her eyes, she was sobbing but tears were not in her eyes

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