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"half knowledge is always dangerous"


She looks forward to the notification she gets, her eyes were fuming in anger and she straightaway calls Reyansh, on the other hand he picks it up while driving back to his home for some documents and asks him "don't play tricks with me Mr. Agnihotri"

"What tricks?" He asks

"The picture, one time view per jo WhatsApp per ek private number se abhi tumne mujhe bheji hai woh picture" she answers with frustration

"Look, I really don't know what you are talking about Ananya, why will I stalk you when I was myself there to look at you use your brain" Reyansh answers

"Kya pata firse mujhe manipulate  karna chahte ho? Just for your physical pleasure" ananya answers

"Shutup, and send me the ss of the msg you got, and trust me it's not any of my people because unn sabko maine maardiya hai jinse Maine ye kaam karwaya" he replies

"I do not trust you Mr. Agnihotri or teesri baar tum per bharosa karne ki galti main nhi karungi, I said you it was at one time view" she answers

Out of frustration Reyansh cuts the call, and decides to call sakshi

Here sakshi hears her phone ringing & picks it up

"Haa bol Reyansh kya hua" sak asks

"Can you please send me your home's location" he asks

"Ofcourse not, you would kidnap my baby then?" Sak says playfully

"I have my ways to get your location but trust me that would have consequences which you won't be expecting, so stop questioning me and send it wisely asap" he answers

"Alright stop scaring I am doing it" she shares her live location of her house to him and he straight away cuts call, turns his car and head towards her home

Ananya was already getting those anxiety attacks all over again in her closed room she was not having her medicines, it was really hard for her to even breath in the atmosphere she now was genuinely hating him to the core, for her once a lier would always be the lier she was unaware of the fact that he was saving her through his actions

After 15 minutes door bell rings, she was crying sobing in her room where Divi opens the door and was confused because it was Reyansh he says nothing and walks in he was angry his face expression were enough to portray it

"Where is she" he asks in a low voice

"Upstairs, she had locked herself from ast 1hr" sakshi answers

Hearing it Reyansh walks upstairs, Divi looks at sak and says "tum paagal ho, kya zarurat thi Reyansh ko sab bolne ki akal hai tum main" divi scolds her

"Akal? Come on divi kuch galat nhi kiya hai maine please" she answers

He reaches near to the door she was inside, and knocks she suddenly looks up in the darkness of her room, she went near the window to look outside because she was getting a vibe that Reyansh is here, and she was right when she saw his car parked outside

"How tf you dared to come here, go away" She screams in the room.

The intensity of her anger was really high & unbearable he hears her voice and closes his eyes it was definitely his fault because she was facing, he decides to sit outside the door

"Thik hai, do not open it whenever you feel like you should, just open it we need to talk" he says in a low voice

Hearing his words she feels more uncomfortable with his presence and throws a vhas from her table on the floor's tiles as an answer to his words

"Get a cut to yourself and see what I will do next to you" he warns her

"You don't fucking fear me" she answers from her room

"Then open the door and lemme come inside" he says

"No jaao yaha se tum mere life se chale jaao" she answers

"Tum Bangalore aayi thi main nhi mere paas tum aai ho ab jaane ko bol rhi ab main khud hi nhi jaane dunga" he answers

She decides to stay silent

"Ananya, tumhe abhi main galat lag rha hu per Aisa kuch bhi nhi hai, waqt ke saath you would realise I was doing it for you but kahi shyd tabtak der Naa ho jaaye.." he says

"Ye sab kahaani hai Jo tumne banaai hai" she says

"Got your medicines btw, atleast ye lelo fir do whatever you want to or you will-" ananya interrupts him and says "I will Hurt myself right? Well not more than you did" she answers

"Stop being a stubborn kid and have it,  yk I never pleased anybody right?" He says

"Yes and you never fucked anybody too but me because you were sexually attracted to me and wanted to satisfy your physical pleasure with me I thought you were changed but nah, you were always meant to be like this" she says in anger

"Yeah, meant to be.. sahi raasta dikhaane wala thaa bhi kaun tumhare elawa, sahi galat ka fark kaha pata hai mujhe" he says

She realises she might said smth hurtful which she shouldn't have because it was smth related to his past and that is his nightmare she gets up from the corner of the room and went near to the door to open it, when she unlocks her room Reyansh looks up and stoods up

"I won't come inside if you don't wanna see me, but just wanted to check up on you sorry, take these tablets I would leave" he says

"Come inside, but I am not trusting you, baat krni thi na karke jaao" she answers

He gets inside and the sunrays were giving a fade reflection in the room from the curtained windows which was enchantingly making her visible to him and vise versa she sat near the window and says "sorry, I said smth hurtful and shouldn't have, afterall I am not like you" she says

He sat down on the tiles floor near her ankles leaning to the edge of the bed and says "right as always" hands over her the meds and the bottle kept near the drawer "have it" he orders


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