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Idon't know how to react over our wrong decisions, it gives me hives, i wanna throw up."

(Next morning)

"Where is Reyansh & Ananya, kal raat se dono dikh nhi rhe" Maa asks to Aisha

"Aa...Maa, woh Reyansh ko kuch meetings ka kaam tha toh he left or ananya ki thodi tbyt khrb hai so she is resting upstairs" Aisha while making excuses and winks to Mayank to keep it a secret.

(In Reyansh's & Ananya's room)

Reyansh was cuddling her in his arms snuggling his breath over her neck they both were naked, warm, ivored, sensed and merged in eachother's arms
Ananya was asleep sunrays were directly hitting her face, meanwhile him covering her for a good sleep
He was still sleepy, it was a rough night and theur first night as well
Her water soaked eyes, were already dry but the marks were visible

He tucks her side hairs behind "i-i'm sorry" he whispers in his sleepy voice while stuffing his head deep near her collarbone
"Did i made you sour?" He continues.

She was hearing him, his voice was some how made her ears sooth to the core, her heart was satisfied and she nodes to "no"

"Its just i feel tired- i want to rest" she answers in a deep sleepy voice.

"Yk, these many years i get drunk to forget the colour of your eyes and the shape of your shoulders and length of your legs and size of your hands and the way you smile made me feel ; but it seemed the alcohol can't posion my memories of you" he says while gripping her tight in his arms

"Is that a confession from the dangerous businessman Mr. Reyansh Rudra Agnihotri?" She inquires

"No, its his words he combined to form a beautiful para to light his women up, and to make her clear with 2 things, 1st she belongs to me, 2nd she will not be able to hide from me, from now onwards" he growls.

Ananya thinking while her eyes are still closed "What i even did last night, he is my rival and he is suppose to be? Tf we fucked eachother and its not appropriate, i have no feelings for him then what was it last night?"

He kissed her forehead and caressed her soft hairs "you are forgetting lil monstress that maa and everyone had a stay last night in the mansion" he says while smirking

Ananya wokes her eyes up with a prostration "YEAH TF- did they-" before she could complete Reyansh put his fingers on her lips and says

"No, they didn't and even if they did, they won't cross question you, take rest and do not dare to walk out of the bed" he commands.

"Wait, if i didn't came out of this bed how will i able to crack tht freakin code?" She thinks.

Reyansh walks out of the bed, dressing himself up, realizes there were tones of missed calls from his office & his people, he wanted to confirm the situation so he calls one of em back while on the other hand ananya was trying to wake a bit up from her bed to move her posture.

"It pains, who tf told you to go this hard on ME" she says fuming in anger

"If i am not wrong, you provoked me.your lustful eyes and your insane body" he utters while flirting with her

"Chup karo" she orders him

"Waise you don't like me ryt? Toh fir why were you obeying me love?" He asks while buttoning up his shirt

"Kiski mat maari gyi hai ki disobey karke  khudko barbaad kare, itna rough kaafi nhi tha kya" she murmers in a low and unhearable tone

"I heard it, tell me whenever to stop." He stoods up and smiles and at her "better sleep" he walks out of the room.

Everyone outside was staring Reyansh when he went upstairs

"Ajeeb hai tu bhi raat bhar gyb tha, ek min ek min tu Ananya ke saath room main tha na HMM HMM kya kar rha tha haa ?" Aisha asks whule teasing him

"Faaltu baatein karna band karo Aisha or Maa ko lekar waapas ghar jaao." He says in a deep voice and without stoppinh his foot steps

"Aree- sunn toh" before ausha could complete he went somehwere near to Mayank's room

"Reyansh- kya hua bolo" Roohi sees him and stops him with her calmy voice

" nothing i was here to tell you, give ananya some turmeric milk & with the
i- pills." He says with no expression on his face

"The p-pills? Do not tell me, you-had it with her..last- night" she inquires

"Explanations? You dont worth ut Roohi. It should not trouble you. I expect you not to utter a single word abt the pills to her, just mix it in the goddamn milk and give her to drink it makensure she finishes it infront of you" he says while his voice became creepy and deep then before

"D-do not scare me with the voice" she says while getting nervous.

(Ananya's side)

"UGH finally, shi- what i even- ananya tere paas akal nhi hai ekdm bhi and the bedsheet and- itna mess" before she could say anything else she hears a knock again.

"Who is it?" She asks

"Aaa...ananya its roohi, can i come in?" She asks.

"Yeah sure.." she assures

Roohi opens up the door her eyes caught attention over the clothes off the bed and then on Ananya, she was covering herself with a warm blanket

"You- you okey?" She sits besides her "Ye dekho i brought milk fall you have it, alright?, i hope....he didn't forced you-..." she asks with concern

"Nahi...nahi toh what are you saying no way, he wont force me to do so- aa.. it was we just got out of control last night.., but look i am not a kid so syop treating me like one, its just pains alot but i will be alright... but the mess-" ananya answers

"Do not worry, i will ask servents to clean the room up later on and waise u
Bhi its all clothes, and maybe the blood stained bedsheet-?" She asks.

"Yeah-..." ananya was embarrassed

"Lol its okey pehle ye dudh khatam karo then we will talk further" roohi orders her

"I hope i could tell you,how manipulative he is.. i am sorry-" roohi in her mind with a subtrist pause



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