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October, 2015

"Ms. Parker," the rough voice said, pulling me abruptly out of my thoughts which were entangled with the common task of organizing my study schedule for the weekend.

But it wasn't the roughness of his voice that had me turning my head, rather the seduction dripping like sweet syrup of my otherwise very ordinary name.

My body knew who it was even before my mind registered the clarity of his voice and my shoulders were already squaring, my back straightening, against what I hoped to be a fearless front to the man I was about to face.

Michael Guerin.

His stone face looked slightly bemused as his eyes collided with mine and a tremble of nervousness went through my body. Against my intention, the tremble vibrated through my voice as I spoke, "Y-yes?"

His head angled slightly to the side and he whispered, his breath crossing the distance between us with dangerous warmth while his eyes gleamed coldly, "Did you cut your hair?"

Feeling very much like the bug under a microscope I resisted the temptation to swallow and nodded silently, already beating myself up for my natural fear.

A slow smirk pulled at his lips and my heart froze as he reached out with his hand and grabbed a strand of my dark hair, his fingertips ghosting across my flushed skin.

"Interesting," he murmured.


The voice was quiet and controlled but it ripped through me with the intensity of a scream and I took a step back from his hand as the owner of the voice stepped up next to Michael.

I watched a silent exchange of annoyance pass between the two tall, beautiful people, before the person who saved me from Michael turned to me with a flawless smile, "I'm sorry. Was he bothering you?"

Isabel Evans, with her fair perfect skin, her red lips, curvy body and golden hair, was the person every girl in the school envied. She was the girl every boy lusted for in the privacy of their thoughts.

Giving in to my need to swallow in an effort to lubricate my dry throat, I nodded and said perfectly evenly, "Yes."

Her smile was smooth as apology reached her brown eyes. "I do apologize. He has the intelligence level of a monkey."

I knew that I was supposed to smile at this. I knew it was supposed to be a joke, maybe even an attempt at lightening the situation, but I didn't find anything amusing about the tension in the air.

With an almost imperceivable nod of her head, she grabbed Michael's elbow and pulled him away, all through the motion managing to look perfectly collected.

"What was that?" Maria, my best friend, breathed behind me.

"Michael Guerin," I answered and felt the personality that seemed to have escaped me just now crash back into my body.

"What did he want?" Maria asked, confusion coloring her voice.

I managed a casual shrug of my shoulders and pulled my bag out of my locker, slamming the door shut with a loud clang before I turned to face Maria. "Nothing."

As I started to move down the hallway towards the large front doors, I was only partly aware of Maria hurrying to gather her things to follow me as my thoughts were running all over the place.

Michael Guerin and Isabel Evans were two of the members of the infamous mysterious trio of Roswell High. The third one was Max Evans. They were known as a trio because they were always seen together in some form or another. They were named mysterious because no one really knew anything about them. This was strange in itself. The trio was not new to the school. In fact, they had lived in Roswell for the last ten years or so and had been part of the Roswell school system since third grade.

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