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We all pulled up to Asher's house at the same time

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We all pulled up to Asher's house at the same time. The driveway was crowded with cars, all up and down the street. The lawn was littered with red solo cups and drunken kids all over the place. Asher's house was huge, not as big as Devontae's but still impressively large.

We got out of our cars, shoving our way through until we finally made it up to the front door. It was just as crowded on the inside as it was outside. I crinkled my nose at the horrible smell, a mixture of weed, alcohol, and sweat.

Asher was the first to greet us, a cup in his hand and eyes low and red indicating he was high off his ass, "Sup y'all! Snacks and drinks in the kitchen, games in the basement, and no fucking in the bedroom." He greeted us.

The boys dapped him up and then led us to the kitchen where I fixed Kalynn and me a drink. Ezra gave Desi a sprite with a pointed look. She pouted and whined about it but took it regardless.

Kalyna's face scrunched up after she took a sip of her drink, "Damn girl! You tryna get me drunk off my ass?" She asked me with wide eyes.

"It's not that bad, is it?" I took a sip, coughing a little bit afterward. "Shit, I didn't think I was that heavy-handed." Despite our complaints, we finished it anyway. This plus the three shots from earlier, I was starting to feel a little buzz.

When Big Ole Freak started blasting through the speakers, I grabbed Kay by her wrist and dragged her to the living where people were dancing. She started twerking on me and I ground our lower halves together.

Eventually, the rest of the girls joined us and it was ass everywhere, including mine. In the midst of it all, I'd somehow turned Kalynn towards me, our bodies still grinding together as our lips met.

A moan erupted low in her throat, her hands going to my neck to pull me closer as mine went to grab her ass.

She broke the kiss, moving her kisses down to my neck. I turned my eyes to the ceiling, trying to convince myself not to do too much in front of a bunch of strangers.

"Please," Her soft voice whimpered into my ear, sending a tingle straight down to my core. I groaned deep in my throat, an immense need to have her body writhing under mine washing over me.

"Please what, darling? Tell me what you want." I demanded, tilting her chin up so our eyes met. My hands slide down her body, gripping her waist as she shifts impossibly closer.

"I want your tongue, baby. So fucking bad." She whispers lowly, I shivered under her lustful gaze. Fucking hell. I don't know how much more I can take...

you nasty horndogs!" Jasmine shouted over the music before leaving with the rest of the group.

I turned back to Kalynn with a raised eyebrow, silently asking if she wanted to go downstairs. She shrugged her shoulder indifferently so I grabbed her hand and led her to the basement.

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