Author's Note

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Hi everyone! This is my first book and I'm really excited to actually be writing my thoughts out. Constructive criticism and hate are two different things. I would love to read your thoughts in my comment section but hate isn't needed. My character's thoughts and opinions are their own. If it offends you well , don't read my book.

There are some triggering scenes in my story. I will try to put up TW's but they won't always be there. There isn't any slut shaming as I don't condone or accept it.

My main character is Christian, it isn't heavy Christian, just a few things like praying. My character won't try to force religion down anyone's throat like some do. She also doesn't practice all the Christian ways so yeah. I know no that not everyone is Christian so I won't mention it a lot as it makes some people uncomfortable.

I want to be realistic so it will involve some of the world's problems. For example racism because my characters are black, and homophobia.

I spend a lot of time planning and writing my book so please don't try copy it.

Most of translations are from google translate so correct me if it is wrong.

I hope you enjoy peoples, Katie💕

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