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^Naomi's Balcony


I laid on the comfortable little couch in the corner, just gazing at the stars

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I laid on the comfortable little couch in the corner, just gazing at the stars. I heard the slide door opening, Devontae poked his head out. He laid beside me, not saying a word. Just looking at the stars.

"I'm really glad you're back with us," he whispered after laying in silence for a while.

"You should, I'm a great person" I replied cockily. He laughs with me.

"I don't remember a lot from back then but I do remember being chased around the house by a lot of boys." A sad smile played on my lips.

If they were in the mafia, how could they not find us? Jessica asked

Well one, we are the same person and two idk

"How come you guys never found me?" I asked turning to look at him instead of the sky.

"We found you but you looked so happy. We didn't want to take that all away from you. We were planning on asking Vanessa if we could come see you but yeah..." he trailed off.

See now that is how respect is earned

I stayed quiet not knowing how to respond to that. I had tons of other questions but I didn't want to be a nosy bitch.

He sighed heavily, "Go ahead. Ask them." I was surprised, can he read minds?

What number am I thinking of?

I looked at him to answer but he was still ogling the stars. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously when he had a small smile on his face.

Okay so maybe he's not psychic. That was really dumb.

I cleared my throat, "So if James is my stepdad, then where is my sperm donor." I didn't intend for it to sound rude but it is true. He isn't my dad. My dad raised me and loved me. I've never even heard of this person.

"His name was Noah and he's dead," he said bluntly. I held back my gasp. I made sure that I didn't show him pity as I looked at him. I hated getting looked at like that.

"That's unfortunate to hear," I spoke formally. I internally winced, it sounded so nonchalant and careless. I'm still not comfortable with him yet so I don't know how to comfort him.

He snickered at my attempt to be consoling. I slapped his shoulder, "don't laugh at me," I whined and covered my face with my hands.

He tried to pull himself together but he just exploded laughing even more. When he finally calmed down I asked question after question, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity.

I nodded off to his soothing voice to what was supposed to be a peaceful sleep.

My mind was screaming at me to take a sleeping pill but I was too tired so I ignored it. I would soon regret that.

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