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Alex gently removed Naomi from his body once she was asleep

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Alex gently removed Naomi from his body once she was asleep. He ran his hair through his black, shaggy hair as he walked back downstairs.

They were all still sitting around, Devontae and Hakeem sitting at the table with drinks in their hands.

"Is she sleep?" Jyreese was the first to notice his presence. He only nodded in answer.

He sat on one of the couches by himself and just stared at the wall. They knew he was angry. "Why?" That was all he said.

No one said anything, "Why couldn't you just go to the restaurant, sit down, shut up, and eat? Why did you think it was okay in the first place? You don't even know her. I mean, I'm just trying to understand."

Still, it was dead silent. "And now can't nobody even answer me. What, y'all forgot how to speak?"

"Settle down, white boy. I'm not finna explain myself to you." Devontae jeered defensively. Alex scoffed.

Alex was about to say something when feminine screams came from upstairs. All of the boys panicked and tried to run upstairs except for Alex. He knew this was bound to happen. He blocked the staircase. "What are you doing?! We have to go help her." Jmiere exclaimed.

"She's fine," he responded nonchalantly.

"What do you mean she's fine? She's practically screaming at the top of her lungs." As if to prove his point, Naomi screamed again. "She's awake, just listen. She knows what she's doing and she isn't going to hurt herself."

They all went quiet and listened. There was creaking then a small thud. More thuds were heard before another scream. "What the hell is she doing?" Zae mused bewildered.

"Probably throwing shit." Alex shrugged his shoulders. "Aye, you got some ice cream?"

"Yeah, it's some in the freezer but I thought you didn't eat ice cream." Izaeah observed how calm he was despite what was happening upstairs.

"It's not for me," he specified.

Everyone had just got settled back in their previous positions when Naomi entered. They thought she was going to say something but she skipped, yes skipped like a little child, to the kitchen.

She was oblivious to our presence as she was making her way back to the stairs with ice cream in her hands, singing.

Boo hoo, oh, did you expect me to care

You don't deserve my tears

I guess that why they ain't there

When I think that there was a time that I almost loved-

Hakeem cleared his throat as she finally looked up, surprised to see all 7 pairs of eyes watching her.

"Oh, heeeeeey," She dragged out. She waddled over to Alex like a penguin and plopped in his lap.

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