Ms. Dance Captain

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As I walk to my locker, I notice that there are more stares than usual. I eye a group of girls wearing cheerleading outfits weirdly when they don't even try to be discreet as they stare and whisper about me.

"Yeah, but did you see the picture? They were all hugged up on each other"

"Uh, is what official?" I question, now more confused than ever.

"Um no," I replied in the same tone as I slammed my locker shut. "Speaking of that whole situation, what picture is everybody talking about?"

"At least I look cute," I shrug nonchalantly. I couldn't be too bothered, this is high school, it's always gonna be some type of drama. As long as everybody knows their place and keeps it respectful I don't have a problem with it.

"You guys do look cute together," Yasmine compliments, smiling at the picture once again. Her sister gasps before looking at her, "You know what we forgot to do?"

Yasmine shakes her head, prompting Jasmine to answer, "We haven't added her to the group chats yet." Yasmine's eyes widened, realizing that I actually wasn't a part of whatever group chat they were talking about.

Jasmine handed me her phone and as soon as I put my number in, the warning bell went off causing Yasmine to let out a curse, "Shit, we have to get to class!" I hurriedly passed Jasmine her phone back as her sister started to drag her away, "Bye Nomi! See you at lunch!"

I waved back, laughing at the way Jasmine was barely keeping up with her sister's fast-paced walk. I left for my classroom as the halls started to get emptier. I made it to class just before the bell rang, going over to sit next to Nikolai.

"Ooh thanks," I said after taking one of his chocolate fudge pop tarts even though he didn't offer. "Aht! Lil girl-" He broke half of it off, snatching it back.

"So you're just gonna let me starve like that? I thought we were best friends?" I try to guilt trip him. He continues to eat his pop tart, not caring about a thing I have to say.

My mouth drops open, "Wooooooow!" I drag, nodding my head, "I see how it is." He groans, rolling his eyes, handing me back the second second half and I grin giddily, "Why are you so dramatic?" He asks exasperatedly.

I do a happy dance in the seat and he shakes his head at me. Mrs. Anderson cuts the lights off, an informational movie starts up on the projector screen so I lay my head down on my desk, deciding to just scroll on instagram.

When the bell rang I grabbed my bag and scurried off to the bathroom. Hanging my backpack on the hook of a stall, I squatted over the toilet as the squeal of the bathroom door sounded.

I mentally groaned as a group of girls came in.  "I personally don't think she's all of that." I heard a feminine voice say as another one scoffed.

"Don't be bitter Nyesha, you know that girl cute as hell." The second girl said, making me smile on instinct. Love a girl who doesn't bring down other girls.

Whatever" The first one muttered. They were silent for a second, while I decided whether to just wait until they leave or just walk out now, but I didn't wanna be awkward so I just waited.

"I heard she was dating Kalynn, but when she first got here she was always hanging out with Jyreese and his brothers." A third voice said. Oh God, they're talking about me.

"She's supposedly their sister,"The one who defended me added.

"She must've gotten all the bad genes cause ain't no way she's related to such fine people. If I was their sister..." The first one trailed off and I had to stop myself from physically gagging. I looked in the crack of the door and the stall to see the three of them, my eyes going to the one talking the most shit.

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