Attitude Adjustment

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^Her outfit

I turned off my alarm and got off the floor

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I turned off my alarm and got off the floor. I punched the air for a minute before she started to fight back. We start boxing real quick, I dragged her by her hair, "yeah hoe, you met the right fucking one today."

I bucked at her for good measure and she flinched. Yeah hoe that's what I thought, purr!

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I don't know if I'm mental but I decided to wear my natural hair out today.

I spent 10 minutes trying to detangle it and another 5 minutes crying because this shit was too hard. I just said fuck it and put it in a slick back ponytail.

Not feeling like dressing up, I threw on an orange hoodie and rolled it up, some black and orange baggy sweatpants, and matching Jordan 1's.

I sprayed my perfume, put on some jewelry, and made my way downstairs. "Good morning," I chirped.

"Good morning Naomi, how did you sleep last night?" Tae asked me with a straight face, he already knew.

"Like a baby, you?" I played along.

"Same until I woke up with a text from the security team saying your window was left open for hours. Then I had to wake up out of my comfy ass bed to see you were missing."

"That is a vivid ass dream! Welp, I better get to school," I said, smirking.

"Naomi Ro-" I grabbed a pancake off of Ke's plate before grabbing my backpack and keys, running out of the door.

I drove to McDonald's ordering a large caramel frappe and using Jyreese's card that I stole to pay for it.

"SHIT!" I swerved abruptly when a white ass kid ran out into the street. A black child would never! A black woman ran after him and yanked him off the road. Damn, my nigga arm gone..

I looked up to a huge sign that read, Mini Miracles Orphanage Home. I'll have to come back here. (I have no idea if that is actually a real place.)

I waved at the woman and drove off. I parked in the parking lot 20 minutes late to first period. I signed myself in at the office greeting Ms. Simone. I gave her some bullshit excuse about saving a kid from an elephant stampede.

I know she didn't believe me but she didn't say anything, only giving me a tardy slip and wishing me a good day. I did the same and left for first period.

I walked into the room, interrupting Mrs. Anderson mid-conversation. "Ms. Marshall, how nice of you to join us," she said with a sarcastic smile.

I sent her an equally fake smile and gave her the piece of paper. "What was so important that you couldn't get to my class on time?" she asked, pointedly staring at my drink.

"Ma'am, I'm not obligated to give you an excuse, you have my tardy note, just continue to do your job." I usually wouldn't act like such a bitch to teachers but she be pissing me off, and she can't mind her business.

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