Deadbrother Stories

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The Mercenaries Crown : Thief Amongst Us The Inoccent Blood by Minister4569
The Mercenaries Crown : Thief the minister of mayhem
Marcus only knows of one way in life, and that is death. for generations his family has been tasked with killing. Being born into a family of assassins. Killing is in h...
Out of Nothing by Headcannons_Plus
Out of Nothingby Kaster- Pandora
A young woman, with amnesia shows up in her estranged stepfather's(?) house. She tries to rediscover her life and her identity. -Pandora
The Life of Milaney by CreamyMimi1
The Life of Milaneyby Creamy Mimi
Milaney had a fairly simple childhood. Well simple enough for her family. One Friday though, She would lose everything she was given, and made to restart from the begin...
Free At Last by Nialler_2008
Free At Lastby Slytherin_Princess 💚
Madison's life might seem normal but in reality it is far from normal. With six brothers, a dead father and brother, a mother who couldn't care less and a hectic footbal...
The Last Letter by anushi_fotedar
The Last Letterby Anushi Fotedar
Hannah writes a letter to her best friend, Evan, who recently shifted to London. Except she finds out he can't read her letter because he was never able to reach London.
magic misery. by valforshort
magic val for short
just a story i'm writing for cutesie funsies because all my other stories are about trauma-filled terrified-to-breathe b!tches and i want to have some fun :)
Guilty Mind by love_is_adagger
Guilty Mindby me
Ivy Jane Mendoza is apart of the few suvivors of the war of 2079. She finds herself, along with her brothers James and Killian and her parents apart of a government orga...
My dead brother// Zach Herron by teenagezone
My dead brother// Zach Herronby teenagezone
Carly bishops sat in the corner of the crowded coffee shop, as her black mascara runs down her face and her eyes pool with more and more tears. Maybe the coffee shop was...
The Planet Of Despair by Jezza16737
The Planet Of Despairby Jezza16737
A courageous astronaut called Tyler flew to a far away planet where some people have been building a station there to possibly move people to this planet and start a new...
This is for the sad people by Bluesyskyalr
This is for the sad peopleby's are: passrine and where they have a sister
Say you see me by Taylor809809
Say you see meby Taylor809809
Alli Fitcher is a 14 year old girl who was sent to an asylum, as she was claiming that she could talk to her dead twin brother Alec. What happenes 3 years later on her 1...
Street Fighters  by iamawierdo101
Street Fighters by iamawierdo101
Her name was sapphire grey She grew up in a small town in Tennessee She left the town to join her brother Skyler's gang The shadows When she returns to the same old t...
The Second Sunday by Katcollins04
The Second Sundayby Kat
It was on Sunday, August, 19, 2012 in the town of Rogersville,Tn when I, Katherine Marie Carter was kidnapped and brutally murdered.. Well almost. And then to my surpr...
A Ghost love by transemobitch
A Ghost loveby transemobitch
David "Dave" Patterson was born five years after his brother died. He's been friends and with Julie and Flynn since they were six. When he goes to Julies house...
A Mistake Worth Made by KaitlynGraceLloyd
A Mistake Worth Madeby KaitlynGraceLloyd
A girl named rain is struggling when here brother dies out of nowhere and her parents blame her for his death and abuse her and she is depressed and has anxiety and want...
When We Meet Again by ANGELofL0VE
When We Meet Againby ANGELofL0VE
What do you do when you fall in love with your twin brothers best friend? What do you do when you twin brother commits suicide and the one you love leaves? What do you d...
Never forgotten never remembered by alysimomoXDmonster
Never forgotten never rememberedby Alys eve
He can teleport she can heal and talk to animals, both survived a radioactive explosion. He's looking for Ralork, she's looking for her brother. Will wait her find what...
"My Sweet Little Bunny" *An Easter Special* by WhiteDiamondRoseFox
"My Sweet Little Bunny" *An Lily Dieter
Alyssa was a sweet and kind girl who had a cruel mother. Her family was very poor so she didn't have enough time to play or make friends. Some of the kids bully her for...
DEAD BROTHER by shahida_sneha
DEAD BROTHERby Shahida Sultana
Ever wondered what it would feel like if any of your dead relatives or friends came back? William Frenklins's dead brother, Steven came back. Why? How? What does he wa...