Football Game

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I read over the text Yasmine sent in the group chat one last time before looking around the huge, crowded football field

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I read over the text Yasmine sent in the group chat one last time before looking around the huge, crowded football field. I didn't think the school had that many students but the field was already pretty full and even more students were still pouring in at the gate.

I crossed the field, my hand coming up to shade my eyes as I looked for Yas and the rest of the girls. "NAI!" I heard multiple voices shout. I turned my head in the direction and saw them waving their hands. I made my way up the bleachers to them, sighing when I finally got here.

It's too damn hot..

Eventually everyone got settled and the band began to play, the beat of the drums vibrating under my feet. The cheerleaders and dancers were out on the field performing. The principal's voice carried through the speakers as he shouted into a microphone.


Students let out cheers and screams. "Alright, alright we finna get started, go ahead and give it up for our WEST POINT MARCHING BAND!" As soon as he finished their introduction, the band started to play Swag Surfin' and the crowd went crazy. The dancers were on our side of the bleachers and the cheerleaders were on the opposite side, both doing their thang.

Everyone started to do the little dance, moving side to side on beat with the song. The JV and Varsity football team came charging out of the field house, ripping through the banner that was held up by the girl football managers. "MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE WEST POINT WOLVESSS!!" They crowd went crazy once again, all of us cheering.

"Which one is which?" I asked the girls, knowing the boys played football but I couldn't tell who was who because of their helmets. "Number 13 is Ezra, Zay is 86, Jmiere is 47, and Nikolai is 22," Desiree informed me while pointing them out.

They stood on the field and I watched as Zay and Ezra searched for their girls before sending them a smile and a wink. Jmiere spotted me and began to wave dramatically. Heads began to turn my way and I felt my face heat up in embarrassment, I quickly waved back in an attempt to get him to stop.

"Alright, now we finna play tug of war so first we're gonna do freshman and sophomore. Then juniors and seniors and the winners will go against each other to declare the champions. May the best grade win! Can I get 20 freshmen and 20 sophomores down to the field."

A DJ had started up some music from the press box while a couple of boys were coming down from the bleachers.

I'm F-R-E-E, f***-nigga free (f*** 'em)

That mean I ain't gotta worry 'bout no f***-nigga cheating (woo)

And I'm S-I-N-G-L-E again (yeah)

Outside hanging out the window with my ratchet-a** friends (let's go)

I couldn't help but get hype and rap along with the lyrics. I don't even know the point behind playing the clean version when everybody said the curse words anyway but whatever.

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