Bullshit Rules

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"Neonata, wake up" I heard a voice that sounded like Izaeah say softly in my ear

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"Neonata, wake up" I heard a voice that sounded like Izaeah say softly in my ear. I groaned, pushing my face into the pillow I was laying on.

"It's dinner time," he said. I shot up and stretched. "what are we waiting for, let's go get some food" I exclaimed, pushing him out of the door. He started walking really fast to the kitchen. Bitch slow down, your legs are longer than mine.

We walked in the dining room to see Jmiere and Qeshawn arguing about something, Hakeem on his phone, while the rest just sat there looking bored.

"What do you mean you don't know where my shoes are? You were the last person in my room" Qeshawn shouted, glaring angrily and Jmiere.

"Just because I went in there doesn't mean I took your stupid shoes" Jmiere defended himself. Gosh, they sound like a bunch of girls.

"Shut up, already" yelled Jyreese who looked like he was done with their shit. They both got quiet and the maids brought out the food.

Ooooh, lasagna, one of my favorites. I thanked the maid and watched everybody else dig into their food. Not religious huh..

God, please tell me ain't nobody done poison this food. Keep guiding me-

"What's wrong with the food? Why aren't you eating it?" I heard Hakeem ask me, I ignored him and continued my prayer that he rudely interrupted.

Like I was saying God, please keep guiding me through this. Even though I don't have my family, I know this was in your plan. And give me the strength to deal with these idiots of brothers. Amen.

I opened my eyes to see all my brothers staring at me. "I always pray before I eat" they all nodded before eating again. This shit is soo good.

"So Naomi, now that you live here, there will be rules." Oh really, I'll listen to them, that doesn't mean I will follow them. I raised my eyebrow and gestured for him to continue.

"Rule #1: Do not disrespect any of your brothers. Yeah right.

Rule #2: Don't wear inappropriate clothes. I raised my eyebrow at this.

Rule #3: No boys, dating, or sex. We'll see about that.

Rule #4: No cussing.

Rule #5: Keep up your grades and no fights at school.

Rule #6: No alcohol or drugs.

Rule #7: Ask us permission when you go somewhere. Ask? Hell no.

Rule #8: Don't go to the 3rd floor or basement, that is for our business. Hmm, my wattpad senses are tingling.

Any questions" he stated while staring right in my eyes. I guess that was supposed to be intimidating but I stared right back.

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