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The kitchen was an absolute mess and the boys were no help whatsoever but I managed to get the brownies in the oven

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The kitchen was an absolute mess and the boys were no help whatsoever but I managed to get the brownies in the oven.

Nikolai tapped my shoulder to grab my attention. He was really closed off at first but slowly showed some progress. Throughout our brownie-making I found myself staring at him. He would try to hide his smirk when he looked at me out of the corner of his eye. The little shit knew he was fine.

As soon as I turned around, he smeared chocolate on my forehead. I gasped and slapped flour on his face. "Oh really you want to play with me," he challenged me.

"You started it!" I retorted. He grabbed the bag of flour and poured some on my head. I hung my mouth open in shock. Does he know how hard it is to maintain my hair?

I picked up an egg and smashed it on his head. He sprayed chocolate all over my clothes. I was about to put  more flour on him but was cut off by Qeshawn's obnoxious laughter.

I sent Nikolai a mischievous look and tilted my head towards the laughing idiot. He had the same spark in his eye once he understood. He nodded and we both faced Qeshawn and held our arms open.

"Come give us a hug!" He looked at us in horror then ran out the kitchen screaming his head off. We chased after him laughing.

We only stopped when we heard someone clear their throat. We saw Devontae standing in the doorway, arms crossed with a stern look on his face. Zae was trying to discreetly record us with a small smile on his face.

"What are you doing?"

We all have sheepish smiles on our faces. "Making brownies." Qeshawn tried to back away quietly. We didn't catch him before they stopped us. I grabbed his shirt and squished him to my body, making sure he got dirty too.

Devontae sighed, "Y'all better clean this mess up"

"Well you guys can clean this since you didn't do anything else." I left to go to my room and took a shower.


The aroma of brownies wafted throughout the mansion. I walked into the kitchen to find all of the boys gathered in the kitchen. Even Nikolai and Dimitri, surrounded the glass pan filled with brownies.

All you could hear was the sound of them munching on the chocolatey goodness. "Did you save some for me?" I crossed my arms, poked my hip out, and tapped my foot on the ground.

Signature mom pose!

They all stood in a straight line in front of the counter. Hiding the brownies from my sight. I pushed Ke and Jmiere as they were right in the middle. All that was left were crumbs. They were all GONE!

"Did you hear that?" I asked them. "My heart just cracked in two." They all apologized profusely with their stupid guilty faces.

Dimitri walked to the microwave and pulled out a plate. He gave it to me and there were two brownies. I looked up at him with the biggest, cheesiest grin.

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