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I woke up with a headache, I groaned and got out of bed

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I woke up with a headache, I groaned and got out of bed. I stretched, you know that good stretch that makes you start shaking. Izaeah saw me crying last night, omg that's so embarrassing. Anyway, I go to the bathroom and take some painkillers that I brought with me. Brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then I tried to detangle my hair, that shit is so painful. #blackgirlproblems!

My stomach growled painfully loud. I walk out of my bathroom and out of my room. I managed to make it to the kitchen. I saw everyone already there, sitting on the barstools. They were speaking italian about some business meeting that I could care less about. I walked to the fridge, looking for something to eat. It was mind blowing how easily I just walked around the kitchen like it was mine but I was hungry. I took out some bacon, as I was walking to the stove I walked into the counter, hitting my ribs.

"Fanculo" I grunted while clutching my stomach. (Fuck) All the boys looked at me surprised. "Do you know italian?" Jmiere asked as everyone tensed preparing for my answer. Damn...I'm okay thanks for asking.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking. No my ribs aren't bruised or anything." I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes and standing up straight. "Just answer the damn question," Jyreese snapped. I don't have to say shit, you could at least ask nicely. I smirked at the way they all nervously shifted in their seats. "I only know the cuss words." I lied. They all sighed in relief. They don't need to know everything when they can't tell me everything.

I made my bacon, giving some to Kobe, then sitting down to eat. I need to buy more dog food for him. When they were done talking about their business, they switched back to english and started asking me questions.

What's your favorite color?" Jmiere asked. "Purple" I responded without hesitation.

"Favorite food?" this time it was Izaeah. "Too many to think about, but food is life" I said dreamily with my eyes closed, many chuckles went around the room.

"What hobbies do you have, farfalla" Devontae asked with a blank face. (Butterfly). Hmm that's new. "Basketball, volleyball, dancing, singing, and playing piano" I said counting them on my fingers. They don't need to know about the other stuff yet. Hakeem turned to face me as I said the last thing, he must play piano too. I made eye contact with a questioning look, he nodded as if to say he did too.

"We could play basketball together, Mimi," Jmiere said excitedly. I recoiled slightly from that nickname. Anything but that one, only he calls me that. I try not to make a big deal over it. I gave him a small smile and said okay.

The conversation just flowed, Devontae got all of our attention then said "Hakeem and I are going to work, the rest of you will go to the mall so Naomi can get some clothes." Even though I love to shop I had enough clothes. I was about to protest when Devontae gave me a stern look that said 'I was going whether I liked it or not' so I just sighed and nodded, reluctantly agreeing. I will just give my old clothes to charity or something.

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