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A DEVIL LIKE YOUby esmeray
STARRING: Siddharth Nigam As Siddharth Malik AND Avneet Kaur As Avneet Malhotra. AVNEET MALHOTRA "I'm not a Cigarette that you can Kiss then Crush!! Instead, I...
The Silent One ✔ by RoseCarter501
The Silent One ✔by Rose Carter
They say that the silent ones have the loudest minds. After pleading guilty to assault and grand theft auto chargers, Evangeline Sanders is sentenced to two and a half...
Werewolf Academy by ToxicRoses
Werewolf Academyby Her Royal Majesty, Queen Nute...
I couldn't stop my eyes as they wandered around his body, looking at each and every curve and line. Though what caught my interest was his wolf mark, one that every wolf...
I'm back and badass by swagliciouz
I'm back and badassby swagliciouz
My name is Valentina Myers, I'm 18 years old and I'm back. I went to Ablin High School for freshman year until I fell for Jack Hill. I thought it was love but little did...
Warrior's Soul (Book 3 of The Warrior Chronicles) by Minahepsen
Warrior's Soul (Book 3 of The Hande Z Watt
Leaving everything behind, Leyla walked into a land rife with vicious beasts and murderous tribes. Being a No Lander would not be easy...
Away by twelvii
Awayby twelvii
A young girl struggles to find peace in this overwhelming story. stick to the plan and stay on a low key but when a new kid enters all her plans went down the drain.
DEAL by Harshi_writes
DEALby Harshitha
Desi arranged marriage story. Isha Varma and Samir Malhotra She is fire He is ice They were never meant to be together. But an arranged marriage happens anyway. What g...
Kidnapped By the Gang Leader by CyntheticCopper
Kidnapped By the Gang Leaderby Copper
She just wanted to take a piss. She and Dakota had been drinking and laughing so much, she couldn't hold it in any longer. Taking a piss at the wrong place and time put...
THE UNKNOWN  by AndoniaBotha
THE UNKNOWN by Andonia Botha
She has hunter blood in her but never knew it. It is brought out when she sees her best friend being killed by the monsters known as supernaturals. she turns icy and col...
Her Alpha by catsRULEdogsDROOL
Her Alphaby catsRULEdogsDROOL
Madeline's life took a turn for the worst when she got banned from her pack. Unluckily for her, she is taken in by a neighboring pack. Yet this isn't a normal pack. This...
Bumpy Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations by RylieKi
Bumpy Roads Lead to Beautiful RylieKi
What happens when a 16 year old girl looses most of her family, and ends up at a gas station at the same time as a couple of country bands finish off a tour? What happen...
Unhappily Ever After by Aellix
Unhappily Ever Afterby Aellix
Rhodric Llewellyn is the grandson of a rogue folk hero. When he arrives in Snowdonia, he becomes a rallying point for the outcasts of the shifter world. They're all thie...
The War Empress by KeomanyLor
The War Empressby Keomany Lor
Xi CaiYi is a tough and cruel Military 40 year old woman who has won all of the battles for her country and is hailed as a patriot. But in one bloody war, she loses her...
Parallel Universe |UNEDITED|  by DebotriMukherjee
Parallel Universe |UNEDITED| by Sierra
|Completed| Parallel Universe Manik Malhotra | Nandini Rossi Two Lawyers from two different universe. Nandini Rossi, An Italian mafia lawyer who is dedicated to her w...
Caught Red-Handed by ONYX_25
Caught Red-Handedby DEMETRIUS
WEIRD. That is my current situation. WEIRD. That also describes the kind of person I am. I am so weird that I passed the cliché of falling for the bully and fell for he...
Seducing The Mafia by sadiemae2010
Seducing The Mafiaby
CREDIT TO @DeliKween9 FOR WORKING ON THIS STORY WITH ME AND DEALING WITH MY SHIT ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anastasia Sylvain just wanted a normal life. But it has always had other pl...
When British Go Delinquent by Epic_Oreo2012
When British Go Delinquentby Epic_oreo2012
5 British girls move to America as part of a student exchange course. Sounds nice and cool right? Wrong! Because of their appalling behavior they get sent to a school in...
Awakened (Many Lives Book 1) by LaxmiHariharan
Awakened (Many Lives Book 1)by Laxmi
The complete book is now available on Amazon. The MANY LIVES series Origins Awakened Chosen Claimed To become herself Ruby Iyer must turn her back on everything she eve...
The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy) by 1DFandom16
The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy)by Mrs.Horan
"I-I-I can do the project for you and write your nam-me on it" he said a bit shy. "No, the teacher forced me to do it with you" I rolled my eyes. &qu...
Lizzy's Pain (Black Butler Fan fiction) by Charmnagarayouko
Lizzy's Pain (Black Butler Fan Charmnagarayouko
After Ciel became a de.on he faked his death with Sebastian's leaving everything to Lizzy's family to handle the Phantomhives wealth. After ten years passed.Ciel returns...