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And He Still Didn't Fire Me  by TheFoxSaysHi
And He Still Didn't Fire Me by Hello, Wattpader. I like you.
"Your resume says your main achievement is... finishing a rubber before losing it because you are awesome." "Yep!" "Your personality type says y...
A Bet With The Devils by Pam-The-Lamb
A Bet With The Devilsby Pam-The-Lamb
Highest-ranking in Humor; #1 "They all eventually end up falling" Alex adds and I smirk. "Not me" "Are you saying you're not going to fall for...
Tell me who are you?? by imagine_pure_love
Tell me who are you??by imagine_pure_love
People called her nerd, called her geeky.. But she had all the innocence of the world.. Or did she really??!! People called him Greek God, called him rough.. But he had...
A DEVIL LIKE YOU(on hold) by AKN_99
A DEVIL LIKE YOU(on hold)by The black coffee girl
STARRING: Siddharth Nigam As Siddharth Malik AND Avneet Kaur As Avneet Malhotra. AVNEET MALHOTRA "I'm not a Cigarette that you can Kiss then Crush!! Instead, I...
I'm back and badass by zombiegoob
I'm back and badassby 𖤐 zₒₘbᵢₑ 𖤐
My name is Valentina Myers, I'm 18 years old and I'm back. I went to Ablin High School for freshman year until I fell for Jack Hill. I thought it was love but little did...
His Act of Possession✔️ by hishiraethhourglass
His Act of Possession✔️by hishiraethhourglass
EDITED Davina Romano is quite an exquisite woman. Being one of the most famous assassins in the underworld, she made her name by being absolutely ruthless in any way po...
THE STUPID AND THE BADASS ( Minor Editing)  by yunachan122
Athena the feared one and Alex the bad boy. What happens when their paths cross? Will it be lovely dovey or a battle? The war has just begun . ...
The Rebels  by Scorpiogirln21
The Rebels by Mushroomgirljay:)
I guess you could say she's different Jade Kingston Jade isn't as chatty as the rest of the girls in her highschool she's quiet and likes to brood over things Her tongu...
Kidnapped By the Gang Leader by CyntheticCopper
Kidnapped By the Gang Leaderby Nikki
She just wanted to take a piss. She and Dakota had been drinking and laughing so much, she couldn't hold it in any longer. Taking a piss at the wrong place and time put...
The Silent One ✔ by RoseCarter501
The Silent One ✔by Rose Carter
They say that the silent ones have the loudest minds. After pleading guilty to assault and grand theft auto chargers, Evangeline Sanders is sentenced to two and a half...
Saving Grace by Wimbug
Saving Graceby Stef
For Grace, eternal life isn't all it's cracked up to be, not when her skin gets so itchy when she messes up, she's afraid she might scratch herself to death. As much as...
The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy) by 1DFandom16
The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy)by Mrs.Horan
"I-I-I can do the project for you and write your nam-me on it" he said a bit shy. "No, the teacher forced me to do it with you" I rolled my eyes. &qu...
MIDNIGHT BRIDE │𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐲 by killinghattie
MIDNIGHT BRIDE │𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐤� killinghattie
Bumpy Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations by RylieKi
Bumpy Roads Lead to Beautiful RylieKi
What happens when a 16 year old girl looses most of her family, and ends up at a gas station at the same time as a couple of country bands finish off a tour? What happen...
Daughter Of Hell by hissesatlucifer
Daughter Of Hellby R
When an unexpected visitor comes to see the Winchesters, they don't realize that she will change their lives forever. Crowley's daughter Vivienne seeks help from Sam and...
DIFFERENT by Yoora_16
What happens when the school's biggest playboy sees his girlfriend's worst enemy's secret which she had been hiding for the past 12 years? will she be able to conceal...
Bighit Girl Group - Dream Girls by Bangtan_chinnu
Bighit Girl Group - Dream Girlsby ✨ABV✨
Bighit's first girl group to debut after Glam Girls. Discover their experience in their idol life and the roller coaster ride and unexpected twist and turns in their p...
My Demon Lover  by iris222333
My Demon Lover by iris222333
Amara, the lost daughter of lilith, blade the son of Lucifer what will happen when the two second strongest people in hell fall in love? What will happen when she finds...
Unhappily Ever After by Aellix
Unhappily Ever Afterby Aellix
Rhodric Llewellyn is the grandson of a rogue folk hero. When he arrives in Snowdonia, he becomes a rallying point for the outcasts of the shifter world. They're all thie...