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I sighed exasperated as I leaned on the banister of the third floor

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I sighed exasperated as I leaned on the banister of the third floor. Looking down at Naomi struggling to make it up the stairs, I rolled my eyes for the third time. "How is it that you can run 20 something laps around the huge ass backyard but can't go up a couple flights of steps," I threw my hands up when she finally made it to the top.

"Do you know how big this house is? How do you not have an elevator?!" She yelled, making me laugh.

I walked ahead as she leaned over with her hands on her knees, catching her breath. "Come on, we're almost there." I called behind me.

I put in my thumb print to a specific door. I like to call it a smash room.  There was a viewing area as this used to be a sparring room. The window was made of one-way glass.

When Mom left and Dad died a couple of years later, I couldn't control my anger. I was lashing out at everybody over every little thing.

One day I was suspended again for getting in a fight and Von was more annoyed than disappointed. Him and Keem made the "smash room" for me. Whenever I feel so angry that everything is closing in on me, I come up here.

I come up here and throw whatever I can get my hands on, scream and curse as loud as I want. It's freeing.

I led her through the second door, Naomi walked around the room like a curious child. "This is a smash room. It's exactly how it sounds. Do whatever you want." I walk out, going back to the viewing room.

I watch as she looks around a little hesitant before picking a plate and shattering it against the wall. She picks up another and does the same thing. She keeps going until the stack of plates is no more. She's out of breath but I could see her shoulders are sagged from the tense position they've been in ever since she got here.

She looks up to the ceiling as a tear drops from her eye. I nodded my head approvingly, this is what she needed.

She picks up a bat and I look at my phone, busying myself with something so she doesn't feel my eyes on her. I hear the lock click, and look up to see everyone else walk in.

They all took a seat. "You two are more alike than you think." Zaeah commented. "I know," is all I say.

She continues destroying everything in sight. Despair is the only emotion on her face making my heart clench. "So why do you act like an asshole to her?" Von asked, shaking me from my thoughts. I don't mean to act like an asshole, it just kinda comes out. I was trying to be nicer though.

"I'm trying."

"Well try harder," he said, making me frustrated. I was trying to be better. It doesn't just happen. But of course he doesn't understand that.

"Cut him some slack, bro. He's trying," Keem came to my defense.

I looked back to the window to see Naomi chuck the bat to the opposite side of the room, breathing heavily. She wiped her tears and I thought she was done but she pulled her hand back and punched the wall.

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