Who's Coming???

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I'm awoken by the feel of soft, warm hands brushing across my thighs

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I'm awoken by the feel of soft, warm hands brushing across my thighs. It takes me a second to register that the lower half of my body is naked and Kalynn is under my covers, between my thighs.

Today is off to a great fucking start.

My legs were bent at the knee, being held open by Kalynn's hands as her tongue flicked at my clit tortuously slow.

Just as my hand crept below the sheets, to her head, there was a knock at the door. I groaned and cursed internally, throwing the covers off, revealing an aggravated Kalynn.

She crawled back up my body, placing a kiss right between my breasts before looking at me, "Good morning."

I cupped her neck, kissing her lips. "Morning," I greeted her back. Another knock, more persistent this time had me rolling my eyes as I called out, "come in, shit.."

Hakeem walks halfway into the room with a hand over his eyes," Uhh morning. We're having company over so you're girl- friend has to leave soon. There's breakfast downstairs."

He accidentally bangs his shoulder against my door frame whilst exiting the room with his eyes still covered. "Fucking shit," He curses, clutching his shoulder with one hand as the other closes the door while I snicker at him.

Kay throws the covers off once the door is shut, getting up and standing at the foot of the bed. "We should get up," She murmurs, biting her bottom lip as her eyes roam my naked lower half. I smiled mischievously, spreading my legs and caressing my thighs, teasingly I asked, "You sure?"

She broke out of her trance, narrowing her eyes at me. "Your family is downstairs," She chides as I throw my head back in annoyance before getting out of bed with a sigh. "Can't believe I'm getting unknowingly pussy-blocked by six idiots," I mumbled under my breath as I grabbed her hand and led us to my bathroom.

I turn the knob of the shower all the way to the left, making my way back to the sink. We both brush our teeth and when the mirror starts to fog up, we strip and get in the shower. Surprisingly, I didn't feel uncomfortable; almost like this was in my normal routine.

"Are you hungover?" I ask while straightening the bonnet that sat on her head. She shook her head no, "Not really, just a small headache. You?" I moved my hands up to her neck, massaging right at the base of her neck.

"No, I'm not a lightweight like you," I joked and she pinched my hip. We took turns lathering each other's bodies up with my shea moisture body wash. That is until washing turned into touching, and touching turned into rubbing. Then we were completely off track.

Next thing I know my back is pressed up against the glass, Kalynn on her knees with one of my legs draped over her shoulder, the other keeping my balance as two of her fingers drill into my pussy.

My nails dug into her shoulder as she looked up at me, watching as I convulsed in pleasure. I brought a hand down to rub my clit as my hips swirl automatically, wanting her fingers in me deeper.

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