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I instantly sat up in my bed when I felt my body drenched in freezing water

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I instantly sat up in my bed when I felt my body drenched in freezing water. Opening my eyes, I glared at the three culprits.

"Oh shit," I heard Jmiere's voice from behind them. I moved until I was sitting on the edge of my bed, trying to breathe and remain calm.

"Get. the. fuck. out. of. my. room." My voice was deadly as one of the boys started to chuckle. I looked over at him and his fucking audacity. Standing up from the bed, I punched him dead in the chest, "Did I say laugh or did I say get out?" I asked, reeling back to punch the second boy.

Before I could get to the third, Jmiere was holding me back as I was breathing heavily. "Go back downstairs!" Jmiere yelled at them while I was scratching at his hands to let me go. He only let me go after they left. I turned around and smacked his chest as well, "Why did you just stand there like an idiot and let them do that? I'm fucking tired!"

"I tried but it's tradition, I wouldn't have been able to stop them." He tells me with his hands on my shoulders. I pushed him off of me, "Please leave me alone," I practically beg, going into my bathroom so I can change clothes.

"You have to come downstairs cause if you go back to sleep they're gonna do it again," Jmiere warns me before leaving and I clench my fist in frustration. Tears of anger fall down my face as I peel off my clothes. This is some fucking bullshit, I just wanna go to sleep.

After drying off, I put on a random pair of shorts and a sports bra with a hoodie over it. I took my wig off since it was soaking wet. I went downstairs wiping my face but it was useless, I couldn't stop my tears.

I bump into Uncle J on the way down. He forces me to stop when he notices my state. Without any words he brings me into a comfortable, fatherly hug and I damn near break down. "What's wrong darling?" He whispers as I cry into his chest. I'm tired

I pull away before he can become too concerned. My cheeks heat up when I see a wet spot and a streak of mascara on his shirt but he doesn't seem to mind. "Do I need to beat somebody's ass?"

You have no idea.

I shook my head no as he wiped my face with his thumb. "You got too many people that love you to be going through something by yourself aight?" He spoke and I kept my gaze on my feet.

"Now if you gotta problem or you just wanna talk, you come ta uncle J, you hear me?" I nodded and he gave me another hug, "N'a go outside witcha brothers," He turned me in the direction of the pool before softly hitting the back of my head twice.

I slid the doors open, going out. Immediately spot Nik and I make my way over to him, stuffing my hands in the pocket of my hoodie.

Everyone was out of the pool by now, gathered in a huge circle on the ground. I pulled down my shorts that had gotten stuck in between my things before sitting down. I hâte when that happens.

I say so my body faced his side profile and placed my legs on the other side of his lap. "Are you going back to sleep?" He asked amusedly and I happily nodded, glad there was no confusion. He shook his head but leaned back a little and I laid sideways on his chest.

"Oh my fucking-" Violet whispered under her breath, I sat back up and turned in  her direction to see her rolling her eyes with an annoyed look on her face all while watching me.

"Huh? Say yo shit with yo chest, pookarooks caus-" Nikolai cut me off when he saw me about to get up. He cupped the back of my head and squished my face into his chest making the rest of my sentence come out mumbled.

"She been aggy all day and ion een know that girl. We get active over here, the fuck?" I spoke into his chest and he laughed at what I said but I was dead serious.

"Okayy, Ms. Active, go back to sleep." He shushed as he trapped me with his arms. I propped my arms up on my knees, crossing them and laying my head on them.

The position gave me a great view of his entire face. He didn't pay me any attention as I stared at him, continuing an earlier conversation with the boys. His eyes dipped to meet mine a couple of times.

Absent-mindedly, his hand started to rub and down my back soothingly. My eyes had started to drift closed when he whispered, "однажды ты станешь моей женщиной, надеюсь, ты знаешь это." His words made my body heat up and I had to chant in my head we're just friends, we're just friends, WE ARE JUST FRIENDS! (you gone be my woman one day, I hope you know that)

I opened my eyes once again to find that he was sincere, tugging my body impossibly closer. "I can understand Russian, you know that?" I asked, thinking he only said it cause he thought I didn't know.

"I know what languages you speak," He responded without an ounce of shame or regret. I bit my bottom lip to stop a smile while scoffing a laugh. Yo, wtf

"I'm going to sleep," Was the only thing I could come up with. He laughed while I laid my head back down, zoning everything out an going back to sleep.

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y'all this so shit but idek what else to write

Nai with the shit.. what y'all think gone happen between them?

And Nikolai applying a whole lotta pressure.. how yall think that's gone work out?

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