Hurtful Disagreements

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I couldn't seem to rid Kalynn from my mind the whole ride home

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I couldn't seem to rid Kalynn from my mind the whole ride home. Her laughter, her beauty, her kindness, her wittiness, the way she loves to tease me. I sound like a damn simp and it's only the first date.

Opening the front door and finding my eldest brother standing in front of it with his arms crossed and the rest of them mingling around closely, completely wiped the smile from my face. I placed my keys on its hook nonchalantly, planning to book it upstairs when Tae opened his big mouth.

"I don't know how you used to do it back in Ohio but here, in this house, you can't just leave and do whatever you want to. I need to know if you plan to leave this house before you actually do it and I need to be aware of where you're going and who you're going with. Then I'll let you know if it's okay."

I scoff at his ridiculousness, "Let me know if it's okay? We already had the discussion that I don't need your permission to do anything. I pay my own car note, the insurance, and my own gas. Even if you tried to tell me I can't go anywhere, you can't stop me from doing what I want to do." I defended myself, noting how my brothers had gotten closer to us to hear the conversation, not even trying to be discreet.

"You're sixteen Naomi, stop acting like you're grown cause you're fucking not. You can't just go do whatever you want without a care in the world." He mouthed off, where was all of this even coming from??

"Qeshawn is seventeen, and the twins are eighteen, so fucking what? I don't see them asking to go anywhere, you let them do whatever the fuck they want. And I'm willing to bet they were doing that at my age too. What's your freaking problem? I told you I was leaving, I even let you put a tracker in my phone when you thought I wasn't looking, not to mention the one in my car too! You thought I didn't know about that shit?" I took off my shoes, getting heated at the sexism and the fact that no one else even sees a problem with it.

Then, Jyreese butts in, as if he's in charge of me or has a say over me, "If you really want the truth, it's because you're a girl Nai. Anything can happen to you at any time, the rest of us are trained to defend ourselves and you just run around carefree like the world is made of rainbows and unicorns."

"Well excuse the fuck outta me," I looked around dramatically searching, "Since when was Jyreese my guardian? Oh right, he isn't; you have absolutely no say over me so I don't even know why you decided to open your mouth." I knew I had an attitude but they were starting to piss me off so I couldn't be bothered to tone it down, "And secondly, how sexist of you! For your information, I am trained in self defense and will put it to use when I need to. Who are you to tell me how I see the world?"

"She's right, Jy. You have no say over her, I do." Devontae quickly shut him up. "But that doesn't mean what he said isn't true farfalla, it is more dangerous because you are a girl. I don't make the rules I do to be controlling, it's to keep you safe."

I cross my arms defensively, "So because I'm a girl I should hide away and be scared all my life because men, no boys, make it dangerous for me? And what you said earlier was controlling; why should I have to tell you who and where I hangout and then let you decide if I can go do it when the boys don't have to do the same thing?"

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