Oh Shit

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The boy looked just as shocked as I was

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The boy looked just as shocked as I was. "Fuck, are you okay?" Cartier, I think, shot out of his seat, running over to me. He placed his hands on my shoulders, eyeing me from head to toe.

"Uhh, I'm good. One of you have very shit aim," I replied, keeping eye contact with Devontae's fierce gaze. However, my aim was not shit because my knife was wedged into the wood of the desk inches away from Tae's body.

I stepped forward, chuckling hesitantly as their intense stares didn't waver. I pulled my knife out of his desk, "Well this has been funnn, but I gotta bounce." I said, quickly turning on the heels of my feet, preparing to make a dash for it.

Cartier's buff body stood in the way of the door. He crossed his arms intimidatingly, blocking my way. I could take him if I wanted too.. But I'm not going to because I'm not in the best physical state.

Yeah, that's the reason why Jessica scoffed sarcastically.

"Care to explain why my incredibly expensive, customly engraved desk now has a stab wound?" Tae questioned, leaning back in his chair as his fingers enclosed around his glass of whiskey.

"Do you care to explain why I am now traumatized by the fact that I had a dagger thrown in my direction by my supposedly innocent hotel chain owner brother and his heavily-built stranger cousins that I just met barely twenty minutes ago!" I mocked with both hands on my cheeks in a scared, little girl voice.

All five of them pierced me with their glares and for a second I thought I was really in for it. Until I was quite literally saved by the bell, the doorbell that is. "Well would you look at that? I think it would be in all of our interests to forget all of this even happened, don't you think boys?" I grinned cheekily, ducking out of the room before they had a chance to respond.

I raced downstairs, swinging the door open, "You're finally here!" I exclaimed, but it wasn't Alex like I expected. It was a man, a woman, and mostly like their daughter that looked about the same age as me with a skunk stripe in her head. These are mostly like the strays' parents and their sister.

"Well someone's excited to see us. You must be Naomi?" The woman asked, pushing past the man and holding out her hand. I shook it, nodding my head, "Yes, that would be me, and you are?"

"Oh right, I'm your Aunt Imani and this is my husband, Terrell, and she is your cousin, Violet." Imani introduced me, I shook her husband's hand as well and gave her a friendly wave that I did not receive back. Okayyy

I moved to the side so they could enter, "Well come in, almost everyone is by the pool, some are in the kitchen and the rest are upstairs. Also, if I'm not mistaken you all have burgers from Five Guys in the dining room if you're hungry." I announced, ever the perfect host.

Not too long after, Alex had arrived and I was the first to greet him. I pounced on him, jumping up into his arms and he caught me with an 'oomph'. "Girl, what is wrong with you?" He wheezed a little so I dropped down, looking at him worriedly.

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