First Day Pt.2

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Previously on TRTHNL...

"Are you having lunch with me and my friends?" he asked.

"Come on Mimi, we're over here," Jmiere stated, putting his arm around my shoulder.


"Do I have to sit with you?" I asked Jmiere.

"Yes," he said adamantly. I pouted and he looked away. "I want you to meet our friends pleaseee" he dragged out.

I sighed and sent an apologetic look to Zaylen. "I'm sorry, tomorrow okay?" I told him. He waved me off. "It's fine, see you in music right?"

"Yeah." I said and left with Jmiere. We walked to a table where I saw my other two brothers, Nikolai, two boys I don't know, and a girl.

I sat down next to Jmiere and instantly grabbed his unopened can of coke. He looked over at me, about to argue but I said, "You're making me sit over here, this is mine now." He just sighed.

"Ok everybody this is Naomi, our
sister," they all looked over at me. I nodded my head in greeting.

"Mimi, this is Blaise," he pointed to a guy who had a slight beard making me think he's older than he says. "Hey Naomi." He had a faded french accent. I almost didn't hear it.

"Over there is Javier and Julieta. They are twins" Jmiere continues.

"Wassup" Javier sent me a warm smile while Julieta just looked me up and down. Javier nudged her hard in the arm. "Nice to meet you." She sent me a fake smile. I cocked my eyebrow at that. They both had a hint of a spanish accent, barely noticeable as well.

"And you already know Nikolai," I looked over and saw him smirking at me.

"It's good to see you again," I rolled my eyes.

"Too bad I can't say the same." Qeshawn choked on his laugh. Javier muttered a small 'well damn'.

Julieta sighed loudly, looking annoyed. I looked her way. I could tell she didn't want me here. But do I give a fuck? No. I didn't invite myself so if she's upset she can get her flat ass up and leave.

I turned to Jyreese since I'm in the mood to bother him. I tapped his shoulder but he ignored me. I kept going until he finally faced my way angrily. I smiled innocently, "I haven't seen you all day I just wanted to say hey."

I tried to hold in my laughter while Jmiere just howled, clutching his stomach. "Naomi," he warned, letting me know he was about to lose it.

"Yes," I asked him, fluttering my eyelashes. "Die." came his one word response. I patted his back, "It's okay, I know you don't mean it."

I dug around in my bag for the snack I bought him. I found it and held my hand out to him. "Here, I know how bad the cramps can get." That had the table cracking up. Students looked over to see what the commotion was.

He just took it and shook his head. I knew he wanted to smile but he didn't. He dropped his gaze to my hands, they were empty. I wasn't hungry. He got Qeshawn's attention and moved his head slightly towards me, speaking with his eyes.

Qeshawn caught on right off the bat, "Naomi why aren't you eating lunch?"

Aww Jyreese does care!

"Not hungry." I shrugged my shoulders. I twisted my hair around my fingers. Jyreese gave me the chocolate bar back, not saying anything. I just watched as he went back to picking at the food on his tray. "Eat." was all he said.

I looked back down to the chocolate bar in my hand. It was the share size, the thought of eating this made my stomach churn. I could never eat chocolate by itself.

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