Meeting the Fam

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"Damn TT, we invisible or something?" Jmiere asked with mock hurt in his voice

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"Damn TT, we invisible or something?" Jmiere asked with mock hurt in his voice. Naomi listened intently, surprised at the fact that he had the balls to talk to his elders like that. She peeked in between the bodies of the much taller boys, trying to catch a glimpse of the woman at the front door.

From what she could see, which was barely anything, Jmiere was smacked in the chest with the lady's purse, "Cuss one more time, lil boy?" Another woman had spoken this time. Her voice was much more stern than the first, you could tell immediately that she held power and authority.

"Now stop playing fo' you be starvin' our whole stay! Where is our baby, and I'm not gone ask again!" The first woman spoke again, crossing her arms over her chest impatiently. She just wanted to see her niece and these kids are playing in her face like she won't shove all of them to the side and find Naomi herself.

"Sorry kiddo, we gotta eat," Hakeem whispered in Naomi's ear before they all collectively stepped away from her, creating a pathway. Naomi stared at them in shock and betrayal before turning her head to the front door to finally see the two women that had demanded for her.

They're absolutely stunning, she thought. Naomi was definitely intimidated. The older of the two had fierce, hazelnut-brown eyes that held a look of warmth. She had deep, rich, and dark skin that glowed with the way the sun shined through the windows. Her head was wrapped in a dark-brown scarf, her long, silky gray hair flowing down her back.

The second woman was noticeably younger but had a couple of smile lines. She was a little lighter skin complexion than the older woman, a glowing brown skin curvy woman with butt-length braids. She also wore a purple head scarf that matched her outfit.

When both women set their eyes on the girl that had grown into a gorgeous lady, they barged toward her with megawatt smiles on their faces. Before Naomi could even think to sidestep their barreling bodies, she was smothered in their tight embraces.

The older of the two couldn't help but let a few tears fall. She hadn't thought she would ever see her grandchild again before it was her time. They eventually let go of Naomi and she wiped her tears before they started to speak.

"Sorry sweetheart, I'm your grandmother. You can call me Gigi or Grandma Mae or whatever you want actually." She rambled in an excited tone, grasping at Naomi's hands. Naomi couldn't help but smile at her giddiness.

Before she could reply, the other woman bumped Grandma Mae to the side. "And I'm your TT Liah, short for Khaliah." She unexpectedly pulled Naomi into a second hug after she had rushed out her introduction. Naomi laughed in surprise, properly hugging back this time.

The boys stood back, watching in adoration at the three important women in their lives remeeting once again. Their little bubble was popped by Jmiere who, if looks could kill, would be dead at this exact moment. But Jmiere, ever the oblivious, didn't seem to notice and continued on with his question, "Where is everyone else? Not that I don't enjoy only having you two here."

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