Girl Flu

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After taking a forty-five minute shower, I was dressed in my pajamas and snuggled under my covers with Kobe, watching Grey's Anatomy

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After taking a forty-five minute shower, I was dressed in my pajamas and snuggled under my covers with Kobe, watching Grey's Anatomy.

Meredith was begging Derek to pick her, choose her, and love her when Kobe started to squiggle around underneath the cover.

I laughed slightly, watching his body and head move every which way as he tried to escape. I used my hand to lift the unnecessarily big but comfortable duvet and he quickly made his way out.

He trotted up to my head and put his paw on my shoulder. I turned to look him in the eyes, "What do you want?" He stuck his tuck out and tilted his head to the side with an innocent spark in his eyes making me narrow my eyes at him. We both know he's far from innocent.

He leans forward and licks my mouth, giving me a kiss, before hurriedly jumping off the bed. He knows he's not supposed to do that shit.

I wipe my lips, disgusted. "Come here right now!" I said sternly, pointing at the spot in front of me. His ears dipped but he hopped back up on the bed and slowly walked towards me like a toddler.

"I know you're white, but I'm black and we do not kiss on the lips over here." I told him seriously. He gave me sad puppy eyes, making me melt internally. I sighed and gave in, dropping a kiss to his head.

He instantly perked up and got down from the bed again, running around with his toy in his mouth. I got out of bed too, "Wanna go outside?"

His ears shot up and the chew toy dropped from his mouth and he started running around even more, jumping at my legs as I put on my slippers. Before I could fully get the door open, he zoomed out and went to the glass sliding door.

I opened the door and he rushed out. I left him to do his business and walked to the kitchen. Grabbing a mug and a tea bag, I added water and put it in the microwave.

When the microwave beeped, Kobe ran back inside and was at my feet in seconds, hoping to get food. "Why  are you in your pajamas at five?" I kept stirring in sugar and turned to see Jmiere at the entrance of the kitchen.

"When a girl is on her period and is having cramps that make her want to end it all, she usually doesn't want to sit around in jeans," I say, enjoying watching his face turn into a grimace.

"So I'm guessing I shouldn't ask you to come play basketball with our friends?" He asks after taking a step away from me as if I had a disease.

"No," I laugh a little at his actions, "I don't want to play basketball right now but maybe another time." He nods and hesitantly creeps forwards.

His arms are shaking as he wraps them around me. "Feel better soon," Then he hurriedly removes them and takes multiple steps back.

"Jmiere, I'm not going to rip you limb from limb," I tell him amused. "I-I know, I was just being cautious!" His eyes are wide and he glances at the doorway as if trying to plan his escape.

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