Goodbye... Again

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Antonio woke to the wretched sound of dry heaving

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Antonio woke to the wretched sound of dry heaving. He looked around, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. Maybe I was just dreaming, he thought.

He patted the bed, looking for his phone before noticing how far away his boyfriend was. He furrowed his eyebrows mentally reminding himself to ask him about it later.

He heard the toilet flush from the bathroom then gagging. He got out of bed and padded his way over to the bathroom. He gently knocked on the door considering everyone was still asleep.

He entered when he found that the door was unlocked. Naomi was on her knees with her head in the toilet aggressively vomiting.

"the hell?" he muttered under his breath. Naomi only grunted in response. He took her hair tie off of her wrist and put her hair in a horrible ponytail/bun, but it'll do for now.

She flushed the toilet once more before sitting back on her knees. Her face contorted into one of pain as she hugged her stomach.

Antonio crouched down into a sitting position, he leaned against the bathtub, spreading his legs and taking up most of the space in the bathroom. Nai crawled into his arms for comfort and he wrapped his arms around her as she leaned against his chest.

"What's going on? Are you sick?" He asked as he started to rub her stomach. She shook her head, huffing.

"No, no I can't be sick. I refuse to be sick. It's probably just my period." She said. They turned their heads to the door when they heard the soft slapping of slippers against the floor.

"What's going on?" Sienna asked with grogginess, taking in their position.

"She was puking when I woke up but she said she's not sick and," he paused, putting a hand to her forehead, "-she doesn't seem to have a fever."

"You know where her room is right? Go up and grab her toothbrush and let her brothers know what happened. Maybe bring some ibuprofen." He said.

"Bring me like 20 of those," She groaned, twisting uncomfortably.

"Uhh definitely not doing that but I will bring your toothbrush honey. I'll be right back." She grinned, pulling her dark brown hair into a high ponytail.

"Don't forget the toothpaste," he called after her, hearing the door closed. Naomi looked up at Chris. "Are you trying to say my breath stinks?" She teased.

"Look," he started off with a laugh. "I love you and all but that breath, it's making me rethink it all." She slapped his chest sitting up. "Well fuck you too then."

. . . .

Sienna rode the elevator up and had been knocking on the door of the presidential suite for the last two minutes. She sighed, considering to start banging when the door finally opened.

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