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Okay, one more period then you can go home Nai. I thought to myself as I jumped out of my seat and darted to the classroom door, trying to avoid getting pushed.

"Nai, wait for me" One of my best friends, Sienna, yelled. I stopped at my locker to wait for her.

"damn you run fast" she said slightly out of breath. I took my textbook out of my locker and we made our way to last period, biology. I walked into the classroom, luckily there weren't a lot of people there yet. I sat next to my other best friend, Chris, and waited for class to start.

"What's wrong with her" I heard Chris ask Sienna. Sure, just talk about me like I'm not here.

"I don't know, ask her" Si replied.

"hey Nai, what's wrong with you" asked Chris. I rolled my eyes, now you ask. The teacher started talking before I could respond. A few minutes into the lesson, I heard my phone go off.

Mom - what do you want for dinner?

Me - tacos?

Mom - okay, we finna be there soon.

"-your phone" I caught the last part of what the teacher was saying. When I looked up I saw the whole class staring at me. I looked back to the front of the class and saw the teacher looking at me expectantly. I rolled my eyes while sighing and put my phone back in my backpack.

It was fifteen minutes left of class when the intercom came on.

"Naomi Evans, please report to the principal's office" damn, what did I do now?

I heard everybody say "ooh" as I got up. wtf, are we in kindergarten I thought as I scowled.

"what did you do Nai" I heard Chris whisper to me.

"I don't freaking know" I whispered back as I walked to the front of the classroom, taking my slow time.

I threw up my middle finger as I closed the door behind me. I made my way to the office and went in.

I saw the secretary lady "sup Janet" I greeted her as I walked towards her desk.

She gave me a sympathetic smile. Why in the hell is she looking like that? "Go in Naomi, he's waiting for you"

I didn't bother knocking, I just walked straight in. "hey Jerry, I didn't even do anything this time. I was framed, and do you have a coke or anything, I'm thirsty" I said all in one breath as I threw myself in one of those huge ass office chairs.

Jerry had amusement swirling in his eyes by the time I was done talking. He didn't answer my question so I just got up, walked to his mini fridge and got my own drink. He is not being a good host right now. As I was walking back to my chair I noticed a man sitting in the corner. damn when did he get here.

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