The Wake

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The sun was starting to set as we pulled into the driveway of the house

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The sun was starting to set as we pulled into the driveway of the house. We were just getting back from the store, fortunately things between Danny and I were kinda back to normal. We grabbed the bags from the back and made our way to the front door. I saw Tae standing off to the side of the house, shouting over the phone. "Fuck up one more time and I'll kill you with my bare hands!" I heard him hiss.

I perked an eyebrow and looked to Jordan to see if he noticed him, if he did, he didn't let it show on his face. As the crunching of our feet on the leaves sounded, he turned his head towards us, then walked further away still scolding whoever was on the other side.

We entered this house as a horrible smell met my nose. "It smells like corn husk and ass up in here!" I said with a disgusted face. "Miss Rose is frying chitterlings," Sienna revealed with her nose balled up. "Girl it's called chitlins, you sound white as hell talking about chitterlings."

I walked past her, to the kitchen setting the grocery bags on the table. I purposely ignored her presence as I started to unpack the rice and fresh herbs I got. Everything was still where I left it, except the sauce was on the back burner and the dough was back in its bowl. Now that I had cooled off I decided to just finish what I started.

I turned the eye on the stove so the water could come to a rolling boil. I rolled out the dough with some flour and cut them into small strips. Once that was done I stirred salt into the water and boiled the noodles. I let pasta sauce get back hot and drained the noodles. I plated everything and let it sit on the counter while I wiped the table in the dining room off. Luckily the room would seat all of us.

"Y'all bring the food in here so we can eat!" I screech so they can hear me in the next room. A couple minutes later I hear a stampede of footsteps coming towards the dining room. I left as they entered with the food. I took plastic plates and silverware from the cabinet joining everyone else. "Can't believe I had to sit up and cook for these niggas, I'm not no damn maid. Errbody in this bitch got two hands and two feet." I sassed under my breath.

I set the plate on the table as they all grabbed one. "Plastic?! Where's the good china?" Granny complained. "With the same person who's gonna wash those dishes," I retorted.

She became silent after Tae glared harshly at her. We passed around the food and made our plate. "Shit, I almost forgot," Rose hummed as she hopped up and went back to the kitchen. She came back with a plate of fried chitlins making me gag.

She offered it to everybody and they all declined except for Tae, Zae, Ke, and herself. We ate peacefully, the only sounds being smacking and murmurs of compliments about the meal.

We chatted around the table as everyone finished their meal. I was the first one to get up as I started gathering plates. I took them to the garbage can. I turned the faucet to hot and added soap to create suds. I returned to the dining room, picking up the dishes of leftover food.

I placed them into tupperware bowls, storing it in the fridge. I threw the tin pans in the trash because I'm damn sure not gonna scrub them. Zae came up next to me and started rinsing the dishes that had already been washed. Everyone threw their empty plates away and helped to clean up.

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