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It was finally the weekend, school is so fucking tiring

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It was finally the weekend, school is so fucking tiring. I haven't even gotten a chance to sit with Zaylen and his friends since Jmiere keeps hogging me, which is why he is now being ignored.

The maids bring out plates of breakfast. Everyone is currently at the table. I stopped one of the head maids and gave her a smile to show I wasn't upset or anything. You could tell she aged well. Her smile lines were prominent and she had a glow to her.

"What kind of pancakes and muffins are these?" I asked kindly.

She relaxed a bit, "Chocolate chip pancakes and blueberry muffins made with soy milk. Do you need anything else?" she questioned.

"No thank you ma'am." She walked off. My brothers were shocked by my tone. But as I said I only respect people who deserve it.

I waited until she left the room and pushed the muffins out of my reach. Tae (Devontae's nickname) noticed this, "You don't like blueberry muffins?"

"No, I love all baked treats but I'm allergic to soy milk." I shrugged. He nodded, lost in thought.

"Shellfish and soy milk, anything else?" Zae asked.

"Hmm, stupidity, cantaloupe , sexism, bratty kids, and soybeans." They all snorted.

Zae started to speak but my phone ringing interrupted him. I looked at the caller ID to see my manager, Rodrigo. I answered forgetting I'm with my brothers.

Rodrigo - "¡Hola sobrina" (Hello niece) He was always like a 2nd father figure to me and I love him to death. He speaks english really well but he prefers spanish so we always talk in that language.

Me - "Hola Verde" (Hola Green) Green was the name I call him so he knows I'm around other people.. He would let me know if I needed to be in private while we talked.

Rodrigo - "tienes una pelea esta noche a las 10:30" (you have a fight tonight at 10:30) Shit, I didn't even tell him that I moved. He's going to be so pissed.

Me - "No puedo. Me mudé a Ohio, lo siento, no te lo dije antes" (I can't. I moved to Ohio, sorry I didn't tell you sooner) I winced as I spoke, knowing I was going to get yelled at.

Rodrigo - "Vale, ya tengo una casa allá, así que vendré a verte." (Okay, I already have a house there, so I will be coming to see you.) He spoke calmly, shocking me.

Me - "¿Vienes aquí?" (You're coming here?) I repeated in utter shock. Why would he spend his money like that?

Rodrigo -  "Por supuesto, necesito ver a mi sobrina pequeña  o me volveré loca." (Of course, I need to see my little niece or I will go crazy.) He replied, chuckling. I could feel the biggest smile on my face. I looked up from my plate of food to see everyone looking at me curiously. Probably wondering why you have this creepy, big ass smile on your face. I hold up one finger to tell them just one more second.

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