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"My babyyyyyyy!" Chris squealed, rushing towards me making my eyes widen in fear

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"My babyyyyyyy!" Chris squealed, rushing towards me making my eyes widen in fear.

"We just saw each other," I groaned as his body collided with mine, knocking us both to the floor. I wheezed, trying to push him off of me. He finally got off of me, though I stayed on the ground, my whole body sore.

Sienna, noticing, narrowed her eyes at me. "Why are you in so much pain?" she questioned, helping me off the floor. I popped my back trying to release the tension.

She was pushed out of the way by, you guessed it, Chris. "Oh my gosh, my baby had sexxxx!" He jumped up and down with his hands on my shoulders. Lord help me..

Titi decided to join in on his crack headedness, "Was it good? Was he big? I NEED DETAILS!" I winced as she screamed directly in my ear.

"Sex with who?" Antonio asked, cracking his knuckles.

"Sex with no one," I finally got the chance to say.

"Better be sex with no one," Jyreese harrumphed as he joined the conversation, with no shirt on may I add. I rolled my eyes and turned to my friends to see them all drooling over the meathead. He smirked, enjoying the attention.

"Fucking hell look at his abs," Titi whispered to Chris and I covered her innocent eyes with my hand.

"I'll have sex with this one," Chris muttered under his breath but we all heard him. My face contorted to one of disgust while Antonio punched him in the chest.

"Put a fucking shirt on!" I threw a pillow at him which he caught, making his smirk grow even wider, but he left, thankfully.

"-tired of your comments" I caught the end of Antonio's sentence. He had his hand around Chris' throat, but Chris only smiled. Kinky.

"Next time I hear you saying something about him or anyone else that's not me, I'll fuck you in front of them," he warned, and I watched as his muscles tightened around his neck. Must be motherfucking nice

"That's not really a threat daddy" Chris whispered, biting his lip. Stop getting jealous, stop getting jealous, sto-

"Yeah, you like to be a lil slu-"

"ALRIGHT! Stop all that in front of my baby sister" Sienna scolded them. Titi scrunched her face up, "I am not a baby." But we didn't listen to her, she's the youngest, of course she's a baby.

"Sorry," Chris apologized but Antonio shrugged unapologetically. Chris made a move to kiss Titi's forehead to tease her but was stopped by Si.

"Not with those lips. And go do something about your fucking boners." She said irritatedly, pushing them out of the room.

"Back to the problem at hand, if it wasn't sex, why are you hurt?" She turned her attention back to me.

I pointed to the the doorway where Jy was previously standing, "Mr. I-don't-know-what-a-shirt-is was fucking fighting with my over the leftover Dairy Queen." I informed them, wincing as I remembered the pain.

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