Wild Side [Punk H.S]

Wild Side [Punk H.S]

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By harreh_curls Updated 2 days ago

The world is in war again, military bases being the only safe haven for the population in the affected areas.

Danger, lies, and secrets lurk between the enemy sides, dividing them even more in the time when unity is needed the most.

But perhaps amidst of it all, there is hope for a better future.

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HaroldTheScammer HaroldTheScammer Nov 21, 2016
Omfg I knew Alex was gonna be the funny character I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ALREADY
ignoredbyharry ignoredbyharry Oct 29, 2016
what if they are actually from somewhere else and their plan is to figure shît out and backfire them ?
ArianaStylesxox ArianaStylesxox Dec 21, 2016
when the power of love is greater than the love for power, the world will know peace
anatomicalangel anatomicalangel Dec 24, 2016
Im so happy Liam is not some Jesus obsessed good boy, I'm tired of innocent Liam.
llRJll llRJll Dec 22, 2016
I'm not usually into these type of fanfics but WTF I LOVE THIS ALREADY
Derpsos Derpsos Nov 26, 2016
Because a girl being able to fight is so incomprehensible? Seriously ? This Harry is pissing me off.