Somewhere, Someday || H.S

Somewhere, Someday || H.S

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She looked into the rearview mirror with nothing  but never ending regrets. 

           Sarah was lost and didn't know how life got this messed up. It all started with a party for her then went downhill from there. The life she planned out, was the life she was no longer living. Sarah meets Harry and his friends, soon enough she decides to explore life with them. She discovers the interesting proposal they had given Harry. She can't help but feel broken down again. Sarah can't help but always think I'll end up somewhere, someday. 

"Can't you see we are falling apart, and coming together. Again and Again. I can't fall again."

"We won't."


Hey gbhope!! I'm excited to read your book!! And yes even after zayn left, he is always in the band
xMalum-Stylinsonx xMalum-Stylinsonx Mar 30, 2016
I still cry. Then Mind of Mine came out and messed me up even more
_xjxyyx_ _xjxyyx_ Apr 30, 2016
I cried a lot as well. It was really heartbreaking he was my favorite. Oh gosh, I'm getting teary eyed.
chonceinalifetime chonceinalifetime Apr 02, 2016
mom screwed me up mentally like I was starting to get my head round all the drama n then mom came out and it was a year n all that shiz and bAm
- - Apr 02, 2016
I never cry on the day it happens, I cried 2 months later after he left. Same went for the last 1D concert, I cried on Christmas Eve... I mean who cries in Christmas Eve?
ParisCortez ParisCortez Apr 27, 2016
My teachers made fun of me when i outbursted in French crying because so idiot was like 'I heard over 50 girls committed süicide over Zayn, are you next'