Die With You by xomulaaa
Die With Youby xomulaaa
For Mature Audiences Only Text Copyright © xomulaaa ™ 2017®
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Golden Love | Stephen Curry | NBA by dddlbee
Golden Love | Stephen Curry | NBAby Stephen Curry ❤️
Wardell Stephen Curry is an NBA player for the Golden State Warriors. He has money, fame, and although his life may seem perfect, he lacks something. He lacks true love...
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Beneficial Friends (18+) by IndecisivePsycho
Beneficial Friends (18+)by CoCo
Is being friends with benefits ever a good idea? As soon as Leah met K.G. Mendez, she knew she was attracted to him and wanted to sleep with him. Needless to say, she go...
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Jealous  by _lataavia
Jealous by _lataavia
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Coco Love by _lataavia
Coco Loveby _lataavia
Mr. Wilson/Kofi was always a strict person that didn't do a lot except abide by the rules until he met a woman that was the opposite of him.
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Queen Material | T'Challa Udaku by creativegurl
Queen Material | T'Challa Udakuby Sada
He always ends up saving her. Coincidence or intentional? CAUTION: ANNOYING THOTS MAY BE IN THIS STORY ------------------------------ "Don't you have a country to...
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Code Pink: beynika 💅🏽💗💞 by smartmouths
Code Pink: beynika 💅🏽💗💞by ♀
[GIRLXGIRL Story] Nicki enjoys shared company with women but is in denial of being gay especially with her much-anticipated album in the works, NM4! which will tackle al...
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With Your Permission  (Through the Mirror Book 1) by SheReallyWrites
With Your Permission (Through Shavonne
She had him from the first moment he saw her. He couldn't get to her because of the walls she had up. He unnerved her. He made her nervous. But she still felt drawn to...
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Love Quietly  by WoodieLynn
Love Quietly by WoodieLynn
Book #1 of Love series: Since Geneva was a little girl she had two wishes: to travel the world and to stop going deaf. At the age of 22, neither of Eva's wishes have com...
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King (Chadwick Boseman + Kelly Rowland)  by alaciahmarie15
King (Chadwick Boseman + Kelly lacey marie jackson
  • drama
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Let Me Love You by Indyrah
Let Me Love Youby Indy
Mila Hartfelt is one strong independent black woman, or so she thinks. The truth is, she can't go six months without needing a man to take care of her, and she can't eve...
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Almost Conquered (2018) by NaomiAkemiX
Almost Conquered (2018)by NaomiAkemiX
Alexandra was raised by a wealthy family, she had a happy life until she moved to Chicago from New York, this is where she met two people that completely changed her lif...
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Wait (August Alsina)  by _jasthewriter
Wait (August Alsina) by Jas🥂
22 year old August Alsina, was the youngest King Pin in New Orleans. He had it made, the cars, the clothes, fancy house, cars, girls, you name it! But he was missing som...
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Surface by WrittenbyJanae
Surfaceby J.
Zoe, also known as Zo, a quiet, kept to herself freshman at Florida State University, falls for a man she had no business getting involved with, Logan, who goes by Lo a...
  • betrayal
  • romance
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His Ambition🏃💖💑💔 by harmony647
His Ambition🏃💖💑💔by 🔥black n' bold🔥
***NOT COMPLETED***(Updates every 1-3 days) Odell kissed my lower back gently with what felt like his perfectly structured lips; as he made his way up, I struggled to ke...
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Love for a thug (Unedited) by queenserena99
Love for a thug (Unedited)by queenserena99
Love for a thug is about a young girl by the name of Sydney who had a troubled upbringing who soon meets a guy by the name of carter. Can carter fix things in Sydney's l...
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What I Needby BLASTOFF ☝
Follow Chi'Na in her journey to find what she needs . Description Under Construction Work : #6 Cover By : Me
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Curry Ever After | Stephen Curry | NBA by dddlbee
Curry Ever After | Stephen Curry | Stephen Curry ❤️
Family is everything, but everything's not easy. Wardell Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry have been married for five plus years and have two beautiful children together. B...
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Never Ending (Urban) by IssaLaurenBaby
Never Ending (Urban)by Lauren™️
Get Readyyy For it Moe.
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Lion's Pride #Wattys2018  by KeonJanaeS
Lion's Pride #Wattys2018 by KeonJanae Stanley
My Works // #4 // 2017 - 2018 In which two hearts mend as one through heartbreak, distrust, and dishonesty...
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