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Synthetic Love - Chris Motionless by 5OShadesOfMotionless
Synthetic Love - Chris Motionlessby Product Of Lust
{Very slow updates) This Is a Chris Motionless Fanfic I decided to write in my spare time. Hope you enjoy! Will eventually write a good description, Once I can come up w...
Mr. kinky Biersack (Andy Biersack Smutt) by theonewithnovoice
Mr. kinky Biersack (Andy theonewithnovoice
Carorline Watson is 24. She is a tattoo artist and a BDSM slave. She's quite open about it. She is best friends with Andy Biersack and that's her master. Him and Juliet...
BloodLust🖤 by Kelljett
BloodLust🖤by Sonic rat
Chris motionless, an infamous vampire, falls in love with an innocent human. Will he allow his emotions to get the best of him? (This story has elements of dangerous kin...
Infamous *Ricky Horror Love Story* by kvltstranger
Infamous *Ricky Horror Love Story*by rhi
Riot Cerulli is the troublemaker of the family. With her living in her brother's shadow, that's her way of leaving her mark. When her Mother has finally had enough of he...
Lovesick(MIW Imagines) by SoulOfOblivion
Lovesick(MIW Imagines)by Becky
After seeing MIW imagines on Wattpad, I decided to start writing my own. I apologize if any of these aren't the greatest. Regardless, these will range from cute to fluff...
Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanfic by geekfanficwriter
Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanficby Megan
Chris and Megan absolutely hate each other. Chris thinks Megan is a stuck up, rich girl who is a pretentious musician and Megan thinks Chris is an asshole with an anger...
Ricky Olson Love Story by mikeyolsonmiw
Ricky Olson Love Storyby mikey
You moved in a town near Scranton, Pennsylvania to live with your father after your mother lost custody of you. Little did you know, you'd meet the man of your dreams he...
Just Roommates? - Ricky Horror x (Y/N) by FallenxSaviour
Just Roommates? - Ricky Horror x ( FallenxSaviour
Ricky decides that he needs a new roommate after his friend Ryan moves out. So he did what anyone else would do and put out a ad on craigslist. Little did he know you wo...
Yes, Mistress ? by hatefuckmeup
Yes, Mistress ?by <\3
GirlxGirl. Lacey Gray gets sold to wealthy vampire Countess Taylor Momsen in an annual auction
When You left..(Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Snow White Poison Bite) by SeizeThatBooty
When You left..(Black Veil Amity
Mystic Ray Cerulli is a normal teenage outcast. she was bullied throughout her years in school. But, she learned never to care. She was close with her brother, But. When...
Drowning -A Chris Motionless Fan Fiction- by Creep_It_Kawaii
Drowning -A Chris Motionless Fan Creep_It_Kawaii
Emily Rodgers is a quiet girl who keeps herself to herself. She has social anxiety,and suffers from self harm. She has no friends,gets bullied and abused by her drunk fa...
To Quick To Judge (Bad Boys) {Motionless In White Fanfic} by savioursbeauty
To Quick To Judge (Bad Boys) { Bands
Sienna walks home everyday after school past a group of dark satanic boys. What happens the day she finally comes face to face with them?
Sluttery In Motion (MIW BDSM One-Shots) by TheDevilWhore
Sluttery In Motion (MIW BDSM TheDevilWhore
A collection of Motionless In White BDSM one-shots, spanning many kinks, fetishes, and plays. Most of these may not be sexual, as not all dynamics are. DM for requests...
RUSH. || Kuzaless [ON HOLD] by S_yny_ster
RUSH. || Kuzaless [ON HOLD]by Lux
"Sex. It's all he knows. He was pulled out of school at 7, and it's the only thing can do. He can't read. He can't write. But he can fuck. ...And boy, can he fuck...
Motionless in White Imagines & One Shots (Open) by Creature1031
Motionless in White Imagines & Christy
Just a little something for the members of Motionless! Requests are currently open and is not just limited to current members. If you submit a request and it is not some...
The Last Snow: A Mother's Love by blackveilsinwhite
The Last Snow: A Mother's Loveby BlackVeilsinWhite
Bella Noel has done it again, she's pulled off yet another escape from the bands. This time it's different, she's on the run with her newborn child, Bianca, attempting t...
All I Need Is You •A Ricky Horror fanfiction•  by cry_8a8y_
All I Need Is You •A Ricky No One Special 💔
This may seem hard to explain, I'm the adopted daughter of Chris Motionless. Yea, the lead singer of Motionless In White. You could be thinking that's so cool what's so...