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Motionless in White One Shots/Imagines (discontinued) by thedarkiscalling
Motionless in White One Shots/ thedarkiscalling
A collection of imagines and one shots for Motionless in White
Two Babies And Three Daddies{MIW Daddy kink} by DiemsDeviant
Two Babies And Three Daddies{MIW Reena Micheals
Okay so this is a MIW fanfic where Chris, Ryan, and Josh are Daddies for Ricky and Ghost. There will be both smut and fluff in this. No hate, just enjoy. Don't like, do...
My Mini Motionless Creature by almost0ver
My Mini Motionless Creatureby cum whore :)
Chris was at an after party when he got the call of his life. He found out that he in fact had a daughter. He was in shock. Will he survive the journey of being a father...
Ricky Horror Imagines by FallenxSaviour
Ricky Horror Imaginesby FallenxSaviour
Just a bunch of imagines about Ricky Horror! Leave requests in the comments and ill do my best!
My dad the rockstar by gothgirlforever
My dad the rockstarby gothgirlforever
My name is Veronica but everyone calls me Ronnie my dad is the front man for the band Motionless In White I never met him join me on journey when my mom sends me to live...
Mr. Horror. (a Ricky Horror fanfiction) by itskyl
Mr. Horror. (a Ricky Horror Kylie✌
Lyric is abused by her alcoholic father, who repeatedly calls her "fat" and "ugly", so she doesn't think very highly of herself, she self harms becau...
Chris Motionless's little creature by MIW131313
Chris Motionless's little creatureby 13MIW31
Chris runs into his ex girlfriend who has a three year old daughter who is Chris's daughter he never knew about. The mother has about 1 year to live and she wants Chris...
Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanfic by geekfanficwriter
Hatefuck- Chris Motionless Fanficby Megan
Chris and Megan absolutely hate each other. Chris thinks Megan is a stuck up, rich girl who is a pretentious musician and Megan thinks Chris is an asshole with an anger...
Moving||C.M by bittersweetlovings
Moving||C.Mby Dakota
Moving in with my blind date was the last thing I have in mind and now I'm stuck with him on Ashley and Nikki's behalf. I just can't wait to see how long I last.
Ricky Horror imagines (Completed) by moonchild_crow
Ricky Horror imagines (Completed)by Luna
Cute, fluffy and sweet Ricky Horror imagines. I do take requests! Enjoy!
Motionless In White Imagines [CLEAN&DIRTY]  by miwgraveyardshift
Motionless In White Imagines [ nøpė
I'll Never Let Them Hurt You - Frerard - by stressedkilljoy
I'll Never Let Them Hurt You - Frerard's Bitch
(Completed) Men are born with keys on chains around their necks and women are born with locks on chains around their neck. Only your soulmate can open your lock if you'r...
Eternally Yours - Frerard - by stressedkilljoy
Eternally Yours - Frerard -by Frerard's Bitch
(Sequel to 'I'll Never Let Them Hurt You') Gerard and Frank just graduated from High School and things have never been better. But all good things must come to an end.
Graveyard Shift. by NuggetsNotDruggets
Graveyard Otto Sage Young
Paul is dared by his siblings to spend a night in the weird mansion on top of the hill that overlooks their town. Not wanting his brothers to think of him as afraid, he...
Motionless In White Pictures and Memes!! by MidnightCityAngel
Motionless In White Pictures and MidnightCityAngel
Just Pictures and Memes of Motionless In White! And some other bands!!!!!
From Innocent To Deadly by MotionlessInHim
From Innocent To Deadlyby Ghost
Ricky Olson is a mute with only two friends. He doesn't have the best life, but it's not all that bad. When his school gets a new kid, this all changes. Chris Cerulli is...
Bad Boy Kyler Vincent by fallenangels91
Bad Boy Kyler Vincentby Dessie
"Hey watch where your going bitch!" I heard. "Your the one who walked into me I stop moved a few inches so that wouldn't happen but you moved when I did a...
Pirate Boy by Pandapoop97
Pirate Boyby Shit Box
Since Vinny decided to lie to me and act like everything was my fault I decided it was time to just move on, and what better way to do that by being Palaye Royale's merc...