Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessie

Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessie

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Mrs Pebbles By CaptainCrunch Completed

Welcome to Buckley's Ranch, full of sexy cowboys and all kinds of trouble!
Lord 'ave mercy!
Jessie is working as a stable hand, seriously confused over her feelings for the ranch owner and town flirt, Cam Buckley. She's hiding out on the ranch, away from her abusive brothers and old life which she left back in Australia. She's made a better life for herself out here in Montana, and it's going to stay that way.
Jessie is also fitting in well with the rest of Cam's family, while trying to dodge Cam's psycho ex-fiancée, Lucinda Wright and her current boyfriend and Cam's ex-best friend, James Malcavoy.

Cam and Jessie having a love hate relationship going on between them, but that's normal for a boss and employee relationship, right? Well, not for these two.

I'm sorry, I think-NO- I'm pretty sure I'm bipolar.
So please read it, trust the captain and you won't want to leave the ship! 
Or ranch, or whatever. . .

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sonja252 sonja252 Jun 11, 2016
Loved this before I started it ESP if it's anything like the pre. start you wrote at the bottom !!!!
SageWhitney SageWhitney Jul 27, 2014
I realise that as an author your actually cool I like that:3
AnnahBanannah AnnahBanannah Jul 22, 2014
Cowboys are beautiful creatures that have the best butts EVER! I swear to god they are so sexy. And they're nice(90% of the time. Depending on where they're from) also they have farmers tans and are drool worthy
iamnotdk iamnotdk Jun 02, 2014
I've never seen a cowboy in real life before! I read about him in stories all the time though. I wonder if it'll get my expectations all high, cuz I don't wanna be disappointed when I really do see one with my own eyes! Fingers crossed that I don't melt into a heap of pathetic mess in front of him.
AllisonHofland AllisonHofland Sep 03, 2012
You have a Tome Hiddleston picture for your profile picture.... I officially love you :D   And I think your description was quite amazing ;)
sophistxcated_ sophistxcated_ Aug 05, 2012
Haha. I like the into!! :)) INcluding * Author giggles and blushes * xD