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Jessie's Lil Sister|| Luke Ross by baby-vitar
Jessie's Lil Sister|| Luke Rossby animaniac
"You had a crush on my older sister?" "It's a long story" [JESSIE- own story though and doesn't follow specific episodes] {LUKE ROSS X OC} (I don't o...
  • cameronboyce
  • emma
  • romance
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Another Ross | Jessie fanfic | (season 1) by laya-destiny
Another Ross | Jessie fanfic | ( laya-destiny
What if there was 5 kids instead of 4? Meet Zara, she is 10 years old girl. A cute/Romantic sister/brother relationship between Luke and Zara. I do not own Jessie! on...
  • skaijackson
  • debbyryan
  • emmaross
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Amelia Prescott || Luke Ross by LunarFangs
Amelia Prescott || Luke Rossby LunarFangs
He held me by the waist, our chests touching. With one hand he reached down and cupped my right cheek, he tilted my head slightly upwards and gently pushed his lips to m...
  • comedy
  • jessie
  • booboostewart
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summer to remember;bunk'd ✔ by zodiacs_and_fandoms
summer to remember;bunk'd ✔by Angelina
[Complete] Gianna Alexopoulus is back for her fourth summer as head counselor of the Woodchuck cabin at Camp Kikiwaka. She's expecting a nice summer with best friend Lo...
  • camp
  • romance
  • lukeross
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It feels like a party everyday [L.R.] by jacobsariana
It feels like a party everyday [ M x
"So, Emma, who's your best friend?" He asked. "This is (Y/N)" Emma introduced me. "Wow, hottie alert" He chuckled. Ugh.
  • cameronboycefanfictions
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) Bk 2 by DoUbLeZone
The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) DoUbLeZone
What would you do if you were the Beta of a wolf pack and your mate was not only human, but had no idea you were his mate. On top of that, he was homophobic? Thomas is...
  • werewolf
  • werwolves
  • team
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My Alpha Mate And My Beta Brother (Completed) by YellowBigSmile
My Alpha Mate And My Beta Beth!
Jessie world was perfectly happy, she was a powerful werewolf, she was smart, she had a beta brother,but no mate, but her world gets messed up when the Alpha comes back...
  • johnny
  • smithy
  • jake
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Ahsoka: Grave Danger by AhsokaTanoJedi
Ahsoka: Grave Dangerby AhsokaTanoJedi
What would have happened if Ahsoka found out about Palpatines plan before it happened? What if Ahsoka found out about Barris' plan before she was framed? What will happe...
  • ahsoka
  • hope
  • jessie
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Unlikely by lovefaithgrace
Unlikelyby alyssa 💗
Sadie Parker, the adopted daughter of Michael and Hannah Parker, is best friends with the Ross family, but she believes that a lot of things are Unlikely. Is she right? ...
  • debbyryan
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • amirtownes
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The Bad Boy's Girl by Miss_BOLD
The Bad Boy's Girlby Miss_BOLD
When Peyton Summers moves aways from California to Washington, she meets Jessie Michaels. What happens when he starts to take interest in her.
  • newgirl
  • badboy
  • peyton
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Behind the Scenes (A Cameron Boyce Fanfiction) by MuzzyVanH
Behind the Scenes (A Cameron B.K.♡
Brooklyn was left behind by Cameron because he had to film Jessie. Four years have passed by. Cameron's acting Career has taken off. Brooklyn's music career is very succ...
  • cameron
  • identities
  • boyce
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Jessie Celestia (A Sting Eucliffe x OC FanFic) by Crystalmy188
Jessie Celestia (A Sting Angst Queen ;)
Jessie Celestia, a rare 19-year old multi-magic user, returns to Fairy Tail after hearing Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic Games against SaberTooth. Jessie hasn't been ho...
  • fantasy
  • fairy
  • sting
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Your My Dream (BoyxBoy) by PassionInFlames
Your My Dream (BoyxBoy)by Maddie
Follows main charecter Jessie Star through life.Jessie's known he was gay for awhile now, but thought it was best to stay in the closet until highschool was over.When Tr...
  • trustme
  • youwillcry
  • its-over
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Origami Heart (Book 3 - DP series - COMPLETE) by kario12
Origami Heart (Book 3 - DP Kari
(COMPLETE) After dropping out of college to join the military, Mike wasn't heard from again. Now, six years later, he's sauntering back into town with new hair, a new ph...
  • andy
  • military
  • mike
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INSTAGRAM.  by bobbysguccidurag
INSTAGRAM. by ♡ᴰᴷ'ˢ ˢᴵᴰᴱ ᶜᴴᴵᶜᴷ♡
  • blackgirl
  • couple
  • ikon
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Bertram smut  by deadflash
Bertram smut by Lil Jeep
After being a maid at a new house for a couple hours, you meet the love of your life, berty
  • juicy
  • cum
  • fanfic
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My Professor by Alleah_xd
My Professorby Alleah_xd
Meet Jessica, a college student who is admittedly nerd. She always wanted to be alone because no one wants to be with her. And meet Daniel, a college professor who is ve...
  • dannyodonoghue
  • janny
  • jessie
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Say Those 3 Words (A GruVia Fanfic) by Crystalmy188
Say Those 3 Words (A GruVia Fanfic)by Angst Queen ;)
One day Gray decides to go on a quest solo and Mira takes this as a chance to matchmaker and lets Juvia go with him. Forcefully, he agrees. However, during the journey...
  • jessie
  • fairytail
  • tail
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blind eyes, good heart; carl g. x reader  by floreyx
blind eyes, good heart; carl g. floreyx
you're blind. you used to have a group, but you ran away because they treated you like you were weak and defenseless child. all because you were blind, you're both, bu...
  • sasha
  • carlgrimes
  • thewalkingdead
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Lights, camera, Action! by jassinski2505
Lights, camera, Action!by Jasmin H
Luke Ross son of Christina and Morgan Ross , brother to Emma, Ravi and zuri Ross. His mum and dad are famous directors and fashion designers. Siblings are off away at a...
  • redcarpet
  • descendants
  • bunkd
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