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Discovery of a Fetish by Fetishes101
Discovery of a Fetishby Fetishes101
Discovering your fetish is always funny. You might be single, in a relationship or even married. You might be 13 or 18 or older. But its always funny because you always...
  • poop
  • diarrhea
  • piss
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Dear, Mr. Kim- vkook ff by peachyp0p
Dear, Mr. Kim- vkook ffby softri❞
[EDITING] Jeon Jungkook, the one who sends letters to Mr. Kim, his dearest highschool math teacher who has been crushing on Kim Taehyung, the one who receives letters fr...
  • vkook
  • crap
  • bxb
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the bangtan plants by trashjar
the bangtan plantsby 垃圾
in which a girl who takes care of her seven precious talking plants every day. highest : #92 in humor omg
  • nature
  • fanfiction
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Completed  by -Lapis_Lazuli
Completed by ⁝⁞⁝Lapis⁝⁞⁝
Water you doing?
  • crap
  • cartoons
  • shitposting
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Year One ~Draco Malfoy x Reader x Harry Potter~ (COMPLETE) by ForestOfAshes
Year One ~Draco Malfoy x Reader x...by ForestOfAshes
This is a fanfiction about you who is in love with Harry and Draco. Yeah... BTW you will be in Slytherin so just deal with it. It will all make sense. Also there is a li...
  • draco
  • harrypotter
  • horrible
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Dbh Crack  by NekoNekoBoi
Dbh Crack by Call me Pawz
Prepare yourselves for all the dbh "memes" that pop into my head throughout the day. Heads up, there's also some absolutely random ass shit- SORRY KIDS, crap* ...
  • human
  • bullshit
  • connor
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Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessie by CaptainCrunch
Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessieby Mrs Pebbles
*COMPLETED* Welcome to Buckley's Ranch, full of sexy cowboys and all kinds of trouble! Lord 'ave mercy! Jessie is working as a stable hand, seriously confused over her f...
  • montana
  • anger
  • dance
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Detective ? || Gavin Reed x Reader  by Succulent_Coffee
Detective ? || Gavin Reed x Reader by Jelly
"I'm going to go, Detective..." you wait for him to say his name. "You'll find out later," he smirks. ~ Cover art credit: @NJ_For_Life ~ #1 Reed: Mar...
  • xreader
  • detroitbeomehuman
  • dbhgavin
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Book of Oc's! by Underwater_oxygen
Book of Oc's!by LeeLee
Bleh all mi OC's n ill add a new chapter every time I make a new one BLEH there u go
  • waaaf
  • crap
  • ocs
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A little book of Poetry by TheNerdyAuthor13
A little book of Poetryby Meme™
I'm not a poet, but here are a few freestyle poems. Some are kinda emo™ but I try to avoid the angst. Enjoy!
  • poet
  • patterns
  • crap
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Donut's book of Overreacting Donuts by Donut_Doppelganger
Donut's book of Overreacting Donutsby Leaving Wattpad
  • persona
  • owo
  • itotallydonotlovemylife
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My crappy drawings by IcedGazelle6888
My crappy drawingsby Søtnos
Yeah... it's basically what the title says. Most of this is not digital but I'll try... thanks!
  • art
  • justforfun
  • drawings
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Random Crap by sarcasm_ness
Random Crapby Hajirah
Just a random book about my life and just random crap. If you wanna waste your time reading this then feel free. MY GRAMMAR ISN'T THE BEST SOOOO YEAH!
  • life
  • crap
  • awesome
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Nutty's writers block by artinanutshell
Nutty's writers blockby Nutty
I get writers block often so here is where I shall write the crap that comes to mind! I'm taking requests as well so don't be shy!
  • crackfic
  • crap
  • what
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Random species i made up. by Pres310
Random species i made up.by Aerin Hale
Random species I thought of
  • creatures
  • random
  • puns
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Life~A Chat Book by TrashieGothChild
Life~A Chat Bookby Mrs.Brightside
  • paranoia
  • crap
  • helpme
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