the bangtan plants by trashjar
the bangtan plantsby 垃圾
in which a girl who takes care of her seven precious talking plants every day. highest : #92 in humor omg
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Art book 3 by Obsidian_Arts
Art book 3by ƒåȽȽ åקåȑț
no fancy titles please oof anyways cover made by @Pakalyptic
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Wattpad Rants by _RubyRed_
Wattpad Rantsby Ruby
Welcome to Wattpad Rants - a sarcastic, prejudice and frankly quite brutal attack on cliches, characters and What's Hot - written by an angsty fourteen-year-old with no...
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Sanscest Roleplay! (Requests) by FlameonLeaf
Sanscest Roleplay! (Requests)by TheFlamingFox
uurgghhhh. Wattpad deleted my last one so let's try Again
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~Randomness~ by WingardiumLev0sa
~Randomness~by Tall Boi™️
Read the title.
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Why me? | boyxboyxboyxboy ( werewolf ) by Velernix
Why me? | boyxboyxboyxboy ( Red
Riley Goldenfrey is a white wolf, and nobody knows. He is not in any hurry to find his mate, because he doesn't want to loose his virginity anytime soon, let alone get p...
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Roommates || A Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction by KorinIsANuisance
Roommates || A Hunter x Hunter Korin the Absolute Nerd
"You're so inexperienced, I love it! It's almost like playing with a new toy that just came out of the packaging!" "What?" "You've never been pl...
  • killua
  • leoriopaladinight
  • gonfreecss
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Random Crap by witherstorm12
Random Crapby Rider kun is bae
Idk anymore enjoy btw the art and memes in this book so not belong to me but the very good people who made dem spicy content it will say if it belongs to me cuz I do pla...
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-_- 5 Oceans  [ᴹᴮ/ˢ] (Also shitposting) by -Lapis_Lazuli
-_- 5 Oceans [ᴹᴮ/ˢ] (Also OᑕEᗩᑎ
Water you doing?
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Little Dancers (Completed & Being Edited) by Sincerely_Yours_Stan
Little Dancers (Completed & B I T C H
'I pulled him down closer, but he moved our position, my back was against his chest and my ass was rubbing against his growing bonner. He moved my hips as his neck cares...
  • boys
  • confusion
  • livingnexttothe
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M Y calico cat /jikook/ by jikook_s_condom
M Y calico cat /jikook/by Sarah Ahmed
/Completed/ Jikook hybrid story *angst (a bit) *ships: jikook, vhope, namjin and wait for bunch. *fluff (duh) *character death (nah) *most importantly crap.
  • hybrid
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Pictures Of cats :3
  • kiribeth
  • swordartonline
  • kinon
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Stranger Things and IT GroupChat by DatPotatoGurl_
Stranger Things and IT GroupChatby Your Mom ^U^
Because why the fuck not? this was inspired by @_BeepBeepRichie_ . I love her and she has one of these ridiculous stories too :p this book is a literal joke XD I'm gonna...
  • love
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  • it2017
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Randomness and Crap: book 3 by Nonbinary__Trash
Randomness and Crap: book 3by Cipher The Shifter
Book Three of this. *May contain spoilers for AoT. You have been warned. Yaaaayyyyy
  • nonbinary
  • memes
  • idk
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Year One ~Draco Malfoy x Reader x Harry Potter~ (COMPLETE) by ForestOfAshes
Year One ~Draco Malfoy x Reader ForestOfAshes
This is a fanfiction about you who is in love with Harry and Draco. Yeah... BTW you will be in Slytherin so just deal with it. It will all make sense. Also there is a li...
  • dm
  • harry
  • dracomalfoy
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buh duh tsh ☾s/mb #2 by salty_kale
buh duh tsh ☾s/mb #2by call me kale
cover image is royalty free.
  • zodia
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Equine's Blog by EquinePine
Equine's Blogby Har Har Hairgel
Blog??? XD Basically where I come to rant. Irdk why people are reading this tbh. XD Highest rank: #14-blog #4-bloggers #1-cares #1-anymore
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ŦҤł$ BØØƙ ł$ ₣łŁŁEÐ ₩łŦҤ M¥ λƦŦ$ λ₦Ð $ØME $Ҥ*Ŧ$ by -Despair_Hope-
ŦҤł$ BØØƙ ł$ ₣łŁŁEÐ ₩łŦҤ M¥ λƦŦ$ λ Ⓚⓐⓦⓐⓘⓘⓝⓔⓢⓢ ⓡⓤⓛⓔⓢ
Hello,hello,hello there!have you been searching an art book that is full of craps of drawings?well,have no fear,it is here!do you want to get drawn?no worries,I can do t...
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D A D D Y /jikook/  by jikook_s_condom
D A D D Y /jikook/ by Sarah Ahmed
/completed/ Angry smut with storyline....hehehehe I sound like a pedo......
  • crap
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Tumblr Posts by _Falling-Down_
Tumblr Postsby Brie
These hilarious Tumblr posts are things that I have found off of the internet. All credit goes to their rightful owners!
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