My Only Love [PG13+] *EDITING*

My Only Love [PG13+] *EDITING*

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Hilda Therese By falleninfinitybooks Completed

"I’ve been beaten, I’ve been raped, and I’ve been battered and bruised, ruined all around. I don’t like to trust, I don’t like it when boys look at me, I don’t like it when people touch me. In fact, I don’t like people cause I’m not so human. 

I am a wolf—the next in line to be the Luna of a pack in Colorado. I’ve been marked by a  man who isn’t my mate and he ruined me, they’ve been tracking me ever since and I’ve been running away ever since. My life isn’t easy. Whose is?"

Gabrielle Brandt is one of the most powerful female wolves in the world. 
She's also the most hunted. 
Gabrielle had been running away since she was sixteen from the people who were meant to treasure her the most and at her young age she's lived through death, heartbreak and bloodshed.
After five years of running Gabrielle finally gives normalcy a shot.
But with her luck she comes across Jarred Blakely...her mate.
Despite all the sorrows of her life will Gabrielle finally give true love...and life, a shot?
With her past unmistakably close by, will Gabrielle run, as she always had or will she fight and face it with her only love?

The Sequel to this book is now up, titled MY ONLY HOPE! x

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Athena1457 Athena1457 Aug 01, 2017
I agree that it was a good chapter but it is pretty sad what Gabrielle went through. Besides it is your story so you should be able to put whatever you want in it
IN2TheDEad IN2TheDEad Apr 24, 2014
I've always loved this book. I can never finish the first chap of a book lol
falleninfinitybooks falleninfinitybooks Aug 11, 2013
@Munchkin_Love, @Sabruna123 aww! @PaulamyGanguly1 Lol, a bit violent but yeah, she definitely should have! :)
mzadi34 mzadi34 May 22, 2013
omg...yess dont worry @falleninfinitybooks we got your back..:)
mzadi34 mzadi34 May 17, 2013
aww..really @falleninfinitybooks gotta add that book in reading list ..aww the only thing im gonna do this summer is read this book and The Touch of Death..:)..
falleninfinitybooks falleninfinitybooks May 15, 2013
@mzadi34 I am haha! I've cast Vanessa Hudgens in my new paranormal book, The Touch of Death! :) Anyway, thanks so much! :) xxxx