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Š¡çk  by Mxnon24
Š¡çk by •||m a n o n||•
Just a bunch of sickfics/OS bxb ONLY (mostly p l a t o n i c) Requests are closed ❤️
Red, White & Royal Blue - Lily's RWRB Fanfics 💓🤍💙 👑👓 by LilyLaverick_Fanfics
Red, White & Royal Blue - Lily's R...by Lily Laverick
Collection of Lily's Red, White & Royal Blue Fanfics.
solace || poetry by howaboutyesplease
solace || poetryby 🌸
in which the lost will never quite be found
Merlin's Angelica (rewrite) by Superfangirl2006
Merlin's Angelica (rewrite)by Space_ninja
Merlin finds a way to elongate Freya's life, in that time she becomes pregnant with a little girl. After she dies the little girl was dropped off at Merlin's door step...
In Love, Everlasting by royaltae_17
In Love, Everlastingby royaltae_17
He was going to cherish Lan Zhan. Lan-Er-Ge. Ji-xiong. Hanguang-Jun. Lan Wangji A-Zhan. Then, Wei Ying leaned back further, almost laying down himself. But his Lan Zhan...
Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessie by CaptainCrunch
Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessieby Mrs Pebbles
*COMPLETED* Welcome to Buckley's Ranch, full of sexy cowboys and all kinds of trouble! Lord 'ave mercy! Jessie is working as a stable hand, seriously confused over her f...
Left Behind | ONGOING | by vascorrain
Left Behind | ONGOING |by vascorrain
14-year-old LEVI PARSONS had it all worked out. He would do well in school - good enough to get a scholarship to a nearby college - and get a better job to take care of...
Am I dreaming? (completed) by QueenyC10
Am I dreaming? (completed)by QueenyC
Kongpob is exhausted. He has a huge workload and he has dragged himself home after a seriously long day/week/year/life! He's definitely hallucinating the P'Arthit he can...
CONTROLLED by StylinsonLove28
CONTROLLEDby Sunflower6
Health problems, controlling management, forced love. Harry just wants to be free. He wants to shave the beards once and for all, and live happily ever after with his h...
enough is enough. by aestheticmooonchild
enough is enough.by 마리아
"Jake, that's enough." Sunghoon walked up towards the boy who was still staring at his reflection on the mirror covering the wall in their dance practice studi...
Dangthatsalongname Oneshots (DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) by sketchers_writes
Dangthatsalongname Oneshots (DISCO...by Sketch
Since I like writing about Scott and I don't see many oneshots on him I decided to make my own! !The oneshots in this book are purely based on my own au, this doesn't ha...
Even Gods Grow Weary by Kiera540
Even Gods Grow Wearyby Kiera540
Zhongli was.... tired. The type of tiredness that settled deep into one's soul and made the body exhausted. He wanted nothing more than to ignore the world for a while;...
(GQ #4) Overworked by bulgariansumo
(GQ #4) Overworkedby bulgariansumo
Emil is putting in hard work on the Celestion-5, but on the brink of burnout, is hard work more detrimental than helpful? If only there were someone to help him. (Galact...
Ant&Dec Drabbles 2023 by __psychosocial__
Ant&Dec Drabbles 2023by __psychosocial__
𝓑𝓮𝓬𝓪𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝓘 𝓬𝓪𝓷. A collection of longer and shorter drabbles. Featuring: h/c prompts. (It goes without saying that everything I publish is purely fictional; not...
Burnout by narnian_starkid
Burnoutby narnian_starkid
In an attempt to get back into Ms Goodwin's good books - and to earn enough money to keep himself fed and clothed - Will's been taking on more and more shifts at the hos...
ɪɴᴜʀᴇ [ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀʏ] by TheHumanFromEarth
ɪɴᴜʀᴇ [ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀʏ]by Still human...
"To the incoherent noises in my head that have spoken what my voice could not." ɪɴᴜʀᴇ /ɪˈnjʊə,ɪˈnjɔː/ (v.) to accustom (someone) to something, especially somet...
Reflecting & Feeling by AmandaRenee2
Reflecting & Feelingby Amanda Renee
Feeling so much while the head takes over
Napoleosha has a Back Ache by EggCompany
Napoleosha has a Back Acheby EggCompany
Napoleon was so sore. So tired. Thank you Peril, and your magical hands.
Just For Tonight by SleepyOwlWrites
Just For Tonightby Sleepy
Jimin finds that he's so, so tired and Jungkook really, really doesn't like it. Not Just For Tonight is a sequel to this and I won't be writing any more on this story. O...
This life is struggling itself. So am I.