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Š¡çk  by Mxnon24
Š¡çk by •||m a n o n||•
Just a bunch of sickfics/OS bxb ONLY (p l a t o n i c) Requests are closed ❤️
solace || poetry by howaboutyesplease
solace || poetryby 🌸
in which the lost will never quite be found
Hunter - Book 2 of the Hunted Series by Corinder
Hunter - Book 2 of the Hunted Seri...by Corinder
Anne, an Australian, has escaped and has started to heal. Even now though that werewolf, who calls himself Master, who bit her and tortured her for almost a year is cl...
CONTROLLED by StylinsonLove28
CONTROLLEDby Sunflower6
Health problems, controlling management, forced love. Harry just wants to be free. He wants to shave the beards once and for all, and live happily ever after with his h...
Just For Tonight by SleepyOwlWrites
Just For Tonightby Sleepy
Jimin finds that he's so, so tired and Jungkook really, really doesn't like it. Not Just For Tonight is a sequel to this and I won't be writing any more on this story. O...
Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessie by CaptainCrunch
Buckley's Rowdy Ranch: Cam & Jessieby Mrs Pebbles
*COMPLETED* Welcome to Buckley's Ranch, full of sexy cowboys and all kinds of trouble! Lord 'ave mercy! Jessie is working as a stable hand, seriously confused over her f...
Am I dreaming? (completed) by QueenyC10
Am I dreaming? (completed)by QueenyC
Kongpob is exhausted. He has a huge workload and he has dragged himself home after a seriously long day/week/year/life! He's definitely hallucinating the P'Arthit he can...
better. by aestheticmooonchild
better.by 마리아
Riki opened his eyes and cursed under his breath before his vision could even adjust to the sunlight falling on his face. His head was pulsing, his eyes were burning, an...
seasonal deaths by ujamaa_
seasonal deathsby not dead yet.
Uji is a lost young soul searching for himself. He comes off as confident, a perfectionist, a beautiful disaster to those around him but inside, he faces his inner demo...
Rest by Diana-Fortyseven
Restby Diana-Fortyseven
Diana Burnwood and Agent 47 meet on a train between two missions. They're both exhausted, so Diana decides to take care of him.
Dangthatsalongname Oneshots (DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) by sketchers_writes
Dangthatsalongname Oneshots (DISCO...by Sketch
Since I like writing about Scott and I don't see many oneshots on him I decided to make my own! !The oneshots in this book are purely based on my own au, this doesn't ha...
Search for the Fae by Pinkroseutena
Search for the Faeby Pinkroseutena
Yggdrasil Burrow is filled with mysteries, from the town's name's sake to the stone stairs that lead to nowhere in the middle of the woods. But the biggest of them all w...
Isabela Señorita Perfecta Madrigal by KamieLena
Isabela Señorita Perfecta Madrigalby Kamie Lena
A story of Isabela Madrigal, artwork by me.
Phantom Freedom by elm-227
Phantom Freedomby Eliza Megs
Braving the desert wasn't exactly what they had in mind when they decided to leave. They'll do it, though, if it means being free. *** A group of former slaves must cros...
feels like home by chobaniyogurtt
feels like homeby emrose
Harry misses his comfort person. one shot HarryxHermione TW: mentions of the war in book seven
Shady Oaks Oneshots (DISCONTINUED) by sketchers_writes
Shady Oaks Oneshots (DISCONTINUED)by Sketch
Since I can't really find many Shady Oaks fanfictions, I decided to make my own! This is my own au so the characters won't be acting like normal. Hope you enjoy!
Sick Koshi by darkkris2020
Sick Koshiby Thalia Rose
After Koshi collapses due to a fever, it's up to the Goddess Dormitory to help him recover.
5 AM Thoughts by Iceprincess_Eve
5 AM Thoughtsby Vie
sometimes unspoken. sometimes unheard. ˬ ͜ ˬ start: May 20, 2020 end: July 24, 2020 ˬ ͜ ˬ take time to read... thank you! ♡ ˬ ͜ ˬ credits to Matt Gaser for d love...
Reekid Oneshot by sketchers_writes
Reekid Oneshotby Sketch
I decided to make this oneshot cause when I tried to find some wholesome Reekid fanfics I legit couldn't find any (well I found like 1) fanfic that didn't contain x read...
morning asunder by colleencosette
morning asunderby coll
when you wake up and you aren't a person. colleen cosette goodman © 2017