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Immigrant Next Door by Dinkyballs
Immigrant Next Doorby Dinkyballs
Her life is a boozy mess of boys and breakups until a mysterious foreign man moves next door
  • boynextdoor
  • marriedman
  • older
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Five Star Hotel by MayaApples
Five Star Hotelby MayaApples
|#2 in Romance 2/20/16| *** " he sent you here. The dirtiest, grimiest, most vile building in New York City. The building where countless have silently lost th...
  • relationships
  • money
  • foreign
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Foreign Eyes by DcSupernatural
Foreign Eyesby MarvelousQueen
Jaime Lannister is a famous war hero and man of many virtues. Not to mention the brother the Queen, Cersei Lannister. As war lingers in the brink of sight as the king sl...
  • action
  • adventure
  • lannister
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
  • dummies
  • them
  • one
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BTS // One Shots 21+ by jerry_the_sizzler
BTS // One Shots 21+by jerry_the_sizzler
Read at your own risk, cause it's about to get real dirty. Also get your holy water, cause you're gonna need it. Trust me. DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult content...
  • foreign
  • suga
  • jungkook
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Destined To Be Together by Zoya_001
Destined To Be Togetherby Zoya
Dr.Sanaa a perfect definition of beauty with brains. Rehan a businessman who gets what he wants. Sanaa is the leader of world's top most Medical Council. She is a s...
  • passion
  • romance
  • drama
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DELLA by -kyavhill
#1 in Elegant Della Andrews. Rosy cheeks and a voice softer than silk. When her father is forced to work overseas, he arranges for her to stay with her cousins, who sh...
  • fiction
  • imogen
  • regency
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From a fake relationship to a real one.... How will it happen? To know more peep into the story.
  • manik
  • fakeboyfriend
  • hamesha
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foreign - lee chan by kingtbh
foreign - lee chanby 克里斯
"I'm from out of the country." "oh, so you're foreign?" -- in which an American girl moves across the world and meets a boy who speaks little Engli...
  • american
  • lee
  • seventeen
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The Seizures that Overcome my Life by MxMusquez
The Seizures that Overcome my Lifeby Everyone Is Anonymous
Finished but editing to make it not suck :) Hayden is a junior in high school. He is new to this school and is trying to make his way around. He has epilepsy and has a s...
  • foreign
  • romance
  • epilepsy
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A Forbidden Love (Book 2) by lovestone_
A Forbidden Love (Book 2)by lovestone_
This is the second installment of "A Forbidden Love"(This is the second book). Naomi and Andreas move to a new place. Not only does Naomi have to get over the...
  • wmbw
  • scandal
  • daddysgirl
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Truce by saladasandvegemite
Truceby saladasandvegemite
Kaia Sawyer needs help, but is too stubborn to look for it. Jacob Beck needs help, something he doesn't want to admit. Kaia needs the one person who can help, the one...
  • girl
  • fiction
  • tragedy
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Home is where the heart is #YourStoryIndia by IamSilver98
Home is where the heart is Anushka
Maina is the typical ambitious career-focused girl. She hasn't been home in three years. Running after success in the cold and ruthless corporate world somewhere she has...
  • romance
  • love
  • india
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The Gudda. by Rashyah
The Shyah Shyah
Adrianna, a teen that is getting beat, visually raped, hurt, and lied to all by her mother and soon to be step dad. When she falls for a thug will it change her for the...
  • rap
  • music
  • romance
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The Things He Stole | ✓ by but_im_into_you
The Things He Stole | ✓by ♕ andy grace♕
Ro is the beautiful daughter of a billionaire who's supposed to follow one simple rule: be a good girl. Then enter Crash. Mysterious, daring, and impossibly good looking...
  • rich
  • bully
  • billionaire
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French → l.s by ificouldharry
French → l.sby Ebony♡
Harry is Louis' new roommate, but little did Louis know , not only did he speak a completely different language, he seemed to be interested in him, and was hiding some...
  • french
  • flirt
  • larrystylinsonfrench
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By Heart - A BTS Jhope Fanfiction by MoonyAlice
By Heart - A BTS Jhope Fanfictionby Marie
slip into the role of Mina, a foreign girl living in Korea, and fall in love with our wonderful sunshine. Mina (Reader) X Jhope Fanfiction, feat. Suga and the rest of BT...
  • love
  • taehyung
  • seokjin
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The Foreign Trainee (Bts x Reader x Seventeen) (Harem) ON HOLD by xXxLunaFenrisxXX
The Foreign Trainee (Bts x xXxLunaFenrisxXX
Y/n L/n is a 18 year old girl that has been training since she was 14 to learn how to sing and dance, so she could be a kpop star. She always had hope, but she has no As...
  • bts
  • group
  • trainee
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It's Nothing! #wattys2016 by background21
It's Nothing! #wattys2016by Neetha Sai
They never declared their love to the world but the presence of it in their hearts was enough for them. Their love was not accepted by some but they felt they both are e...
  • indian
  • friendship
  • romance
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Your Royal Highness by meggsG
Your Royal Highnessby Megs
I needed the job. I moved with my best friend, Sophie, to Italy a while ago and wasn't able to find work....until I saw the ad. I was warned about him and his cunning, s...
  • royals
  • rome
  • personalassistant
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