For role plays by YuriQueenOtaku
For role playsby Crazily Weird
My tag book cause I'm to lazy to just fill out forms and I'm too detailed If you want you can roleplay with either one of my characters, just ask first though
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Learn to Howl {Alex Vreeke | Jumanji} by artholomew_
Learn to Howl {Alex Vreeke | Juman...by exceptional narcissist ✨
Connie was nobody, barely a background character in her peer's lives, so when she goes missing, no-one seems to care. However, she becomes trapped in the game Jumanji, i...
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My 2 ANGELS *Shivika's New Journey* by phanikiran9977
My 2 ANGELS *Shivika's New Journey*by phanikiran9977
Ranked # 1 in Shivika (new) Ranked # 39 in IB & # 1 in (new) Ranked # 49 in Shivika Ranked # 25 in Annika Ranked # 2 & 6 in Oberois Ranked # 11 in support Ranked # 1...
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♡ Username Ideas ♡ by bleachedfingers
♡ Username Ideas ♡by ♡ Yung Th0t™ ♡
Just some random username ideas because I change my username like every day, new uploads whenever I want to because I'm a lazy fuck If you have any concerns or questions...
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Post-Moe's Boredom  by Post-Moe
Post-Moe's Boredom by Post-Moe
Hey. Come on in. We don't judge here, unless you're a skunk. I'm sorry but there might be some slurs if you're a skunk.
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LazyTown: Rotten Sister 2  by SarahTheRock
LazyTown: Rotten Sister 2 by SarahTheRock
Jenny has set her sights on leaving LazyTown but when Sportacus gets sick, her plans fall through.
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Unexpected - Sock x Jonathan- Welcome to Hell- Now including the sequel "Dreams" by Edme1018
Unexpected - Sock x Jonathan- Welc...by Hannah
This is a Sock x Jonathan fan fiction that I've decided to write :) hope you like it! This now also contains part two for the book, which I originally going to write sep...
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♢♡Jikook Arts♡♢ by bts_jikookwings
♢♡Jikook Arts♡♢by bts_jikookwings
Hi guys ~ So I going to show u JIKOOK Fanarts It's can be 18+ OR It can be cute too... Hopefully u like it 😄
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|Welcome to Wattpad|  by OfficKirishima
|Welcome to Wattpad| by Ҝ丨尺丨
This is a book about -the glitches -the people -the fun -The stress many more but you'll find this book very relatable. This will even help new people get to know what...
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StarWolf Art! by StarWolfLegacy
StarWolf Art!by Anabelle
Since I love to draw so much I decided to make a book that will contain all my latest and greatest artwork! It will have Pokémon, Avatars, Characters and also, Laws of t...
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Welcome Back! (Mark X Reader) (+Jack and Felix)  by keewhite12
Welcome Back! (Mark X Reader) (+Ja...by JuggleThosePuggles
(Book 2 for "After School Detention") You are married and in collage now, Mark being your husband. Some people don't forget who you are from Oregon. What will...
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Sniffing the Daisies Book Club  by sniffingdaisies
Sniffing the Daisies Book Club by Abigail 🌻
NEW CLUB! OPEN It is open! Please do join :) (december 2018) come inside and sniff the daisies the daisies are in the form of votes ; comments ; recognition 💛🌼 ...
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Daydream by Youngforever_2018
Daydreamby Ara Mochi
Daydream • Tags, shoutouts, thoughts •
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Cecilos One Shots by 40Whacks
Cecilos One Shotsby Rhiannon Storm
REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN NIGHT VALE IS SO PERFECT, (just like Carlos). This is a bunch of randomness of Cecil and Carlos. I hope you enjoy and please vote and comment. That...
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[Under Construction] Welcome Back -△Billdip↟ by PricklyTrash
[Under Construction] Welcome Back...by PricklyTrash
This cover was brought to you by @WildCatTeeVee Gravity Falls... A place that Dipper never wanted to go back to. His mind just couldn't handle the memories and so he sta...
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Jack is a sweet boy| Rant book 11 by her0001
MY (trashy as heck) DRAWINGS!! by emotionless_suga
MY (trashy as heck) DRAWINGS!!by cure us
Yeah so lookie at this crap I've created My children
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My Life and shiz ;O by moantella
My Life and shiz ;Oby i am back with the mems
Yo this is just updates about me and blah blah
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' SNUGGLE ' ; bumbleclan admin sign-ups by BumbleClan
' SNUGGLE ' ; bumbleclan admin sig...by bumbleclan warriors
▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ❝you've met your destiny, warrior...❞ ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔
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Some Queen Stuffs by gigiminter
Some Queen Stuffsby gi gi x
Idk what this is but ever since I watched Bohemian Rhapsody aka the best movie I ever watched, I got obsessed with Queen so I decided to make this! Btw, just to let u kn...
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