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<3 1D preferences <3

<3 1D preferences <3

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1dlover199684 By 1dlover199684 Updated Aug 09, 2013

Harry: Your husband Harry had gotten home from work late, so he had just climbed into bed next to your sleeping body. You laid on your side with your arm hanging off the bed, and he spooned with you, wrapping his strong arm around your waist and nuzzling his face into your hair. You were sleeping lightly, so you woke up when someone grabbed your hand. "Mummy?" you heard as you opened your eyes. Your 3-year-old daughter Darcy stood before you in her little nightgown with tears streaming down her chubby cheeks. "Mummy, are you awake?" "Yes, yes, baby, what's wrong?" You hurriedly sat up and pulled your daughter into your lap. Harry grunted a little as he was shoved aside and rudely awakened. "What the-" he was cut off by Darcy's quiet whimpering as you rocked her against your chest. "Shh, it's ok," you cooed into her tangled hair. "Oh, Darce, what happened?" Harry asked as his brow furrowed. "I had a bad dream," she sniffed. He reached up to carress her cheek with his large thumb. "Sweet...

happyxchai happyxchai Jul 11, 2015
LOUIS HAHA OMFG Zayn we really need to stop using the same hair products -_-.
SarahBethGuevara SarahBethGuevara Jun 19, 2013
Try doing a situation where you two fin out you can never have kids. Would be really interesting how he comforts you.
JenniferHemsing JenniferHemsing May 19, 2013
LoL he stroked Zayn hair but they sleep on bunks in the bus or was it in a hotel
jordeljorden jordeljorden Apr 05, 2013
Did she just leave the kettle on? Not very safe if u ask me. Lol love ur preferences and this is my fav by far :)