He hurts you on bed ( it nothing bad )

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LOUIS: You and Louis are crammed together in his small bed on the tour bus, he's fast asleep with his arms wrapped around you, his legs spread wide across the bed while you are squished up against the wall, unable to move because of his arms wrapped tightly around your body. Harry is above the two of you, and he is unable to control himself as he rolls over repeatedly, rocking the whole bunk. "Harry, cut it out!" you hiss, and he groans. "I'm sorry, I can't get comfortable," he whispers sleepily. "I'm sorry, [Y/N], I'm sorry," Harry repeats, and it nearly sounds like he's sleep talking. "It's okay, Harry, go to sleep," you tell him as you close your eyes, trying to ignore Harry's movements, Niall's snoring from across the hall, the light coming from Zayn's phone and Liam, well Liam is just being perfect, sleeping quietly and soundly. You groan loudly, trying to release your arm from Louis' as you reach over to pull your curtain across. You hear material drop to the ground and Harry make a noise. "Ooh," you hear him say, and you feel him sit up. "[Y/N]?" he asks quietly. "Yes, Harry?" you sigh. "Can you grab my blanket please? And toss it back up to me?" he asks, and you groan. "You've got to be kidding me, Harry," you moan, reaching across over Louis to pull back your curtain, and when he releases your arm, you try to get your arm down as far as you can for the blanket, but you can't reach. "I can't reach it Harry," you breathe out, as you lean back up and hit your head against the bunk. "Ow!" you yell out, and you pull back, and you accidently kick Louis' side, which causes him to go tumbling out of the bed. "Ow indeed!" you hear Zayn laugh from across the hall, and you sit up sheepishly, staring down at your boyfriend, who is looking around confused and sleepy. "Am I that bad that you feel the need to kick me out of bed onto this blanket?" he asks, looking down to the blanket that broke his fall a little. "Oh, can you toss that back up here please?" Harry asks, and Louis rubs his head, standing up and throwing the blanket up to Harry, as he reluctantly crawls back into the bed beside you. "Oops?" you ask, giving him a small smile as he groans. "Bed, now," he instructs, pulling the curtain closed as you bite your lip. "I'm sorry, Loupoo," you whisper as he lays back down, not touching you. "Louis... I didn't mean to, I was reaching for Harry's blanket, and I hit my head, which is really hurting, and-" "SHUT UP!" you hear Harry from above you, and Louis starts to chuckle. "Come here, my beautiful girl," he laughs, pulling you against him, with your head on his chest. "Mmm, sleep now," he whispers into your ear, as the two of you drift into a sleep.

HARRY: You and Harry are fast asleep in bed, cuddled together right in the middle as you sleep soundly. It's a hot night, and you two are sleeping just in your underwear, and throughout the night, you've kicked the blankets off. You move around a lot in your sleep, and Harry's grown to just sleep through you laying on top of him, rolling off and pulling him onto you, he's even used to you occasionally resting your head on his stomach while you sleep. You're restless tonight, and when a mosquito bites your leg in the middle of the night, you're going crazy trying to scratch it in your sleep. Harry wakes up, realizing your discomfort. He moves over to the side of the bed, trying to pull you with him when your hand flies up and whacks him in the face, causing him to tumble out of bed. "[Y/N]! Wake up!" Harry sits up on the ground, rubbing his face as you wake up groggily. "What, Harry?" you moan, moving your hand to go scratch your leg. "My legs itchy.." you complain, reaching out to grab his hand. "Harry, Harry where are you?" your hand slaps around the bed, but it's all empty. "Down here," he calls, and you squint to try to see in the darkness. "What are you doing down there, you goose, get up here," you reach your hand out to take his, and he does as you help him back onto the bed. "We've got to do something about your movements in the night, you were going crazy just then," he mutters as you reach down to scratch your leg again. "My legs itchy!" you say again, sinking your nails into your skin. "Wait here," he grumbles, standing up and heading straight for your bathroom. You wait patiently as you hear him search around in the cabinets, and then he comes back with a bottle of Calamine lotion and a tissue. He pours some of the lotion onto the tissue, rubbing it onto your bite and he looks up at you. "I'm sorry for waking you," you apologize, feeling guilty for waking him at such a ridiculous hour. "It's okay, I guess you're worth it," he smirks, going back to the bathroom to take his supplies back and switch the light off. When he crawls back into bed, you rest your head on his chest. "But you know what, baby? Maybe you could help me fall back asleep.." his hands grab yours, leading them down to his crotch. "Harry, sleep, tomorrow, sex," you tell him, and he groans as you close your eyes, falling back into sleep.

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