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I have one free day! Then its back to work for me! I love your comments! You guys rock and I’m so happy you like my story. Just wanted to state again that Jake is going to be older than Bella! Love yas! XX

Chapter 9

My heart was pounding in my chest as Angela screamed that. I have to leave, No! I’m going to talk to him. He was nearly a meter away now. His expression was blank and he must have grown again. Maybe I’ll not. I was going to turn and run for my truck but Angela had a grip on my Jacket.

“You’re going to talk to him” she whispered at me. I nodded and tried my best to get the courage to stay. What was I going to say to him?

“I can’t do this!” I gritted out at Angela.

“You’re doing it!” she demanded.

Before I could get a reply back to her, Jacob was standing in front off me.

Awkward moment of the year! I tried to make my eyes stern as I glared at him but there was something about those eyes… I knew them. Well duh Bella of course you know them. Is this a stage of going mad? The sadness and hurt in his eyes were weakening my act so I stared at the ground instead.

“Well I’m going to… go get my phone from the car” Angela broke the dreaded silence and I glared at her back is she walked back to the car. Liar, she had her phone. I looked behind Jake to see his friends gone to. Great, just us.

“Bella I’m really sorry, just” ohh here we go. I had to cut him off before he could go on any further. My life is going back on track and that was without him in it. It hurt to think of never being friends with Jake again but he hasn’t been much of a friend lately.

“Stop Jake! I don’t care. You’ve done the damage” now is a great time to leave but I wasn’t able to. I want to see how he is going to get himself out of this one.

“Please Bella!” He pleaded with so much devastation in his eyes and voice “Let me explain”

“Explain what Jake? Why you completely ignored me? I rang you nearly every day and you lied to me! Do you know how much that hurt? I was told you were ill Jake and I believed it! I come to see you and you what, tell me to leave. What did I do Jake? I’ve lost all trust in you.” I was screaming and my tears were closed to brimming over. I held them back though and stared him down with my eyes.

His head was bowed, ashamed, and he was kicking the sand with his feet.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Bella. I never want to see you hurt.” He whispered.

  I shook my head and give a humourless laugh. “Well Jake, have fun with this one. I am hurt… and it’s because of you!” Maybe it was a little harsh but ignoring your best friend then telling them you do not want to be friends anymore and not telling them why is heartbreaking.

“Don’t say that Bella” he shouted. “I had no choice”

“What, so now you do? Did your little plan you have not work out the way you want? What was it? Make Bella happy to then treat her like dirt again? I’m telling you now Jacob I’m not dirt and I’m not being treated like it!”

“Sam wouldn’t let me!”

“Sam? Who the hell is he? And why are you following his rules? What Jake, can’t stand up for yourself? You have to listen to everything someone else says? Apparently you would rather have Sam than you would me. I hope you have fun.” I couldn’t shout any more at the end. My voice was raw and I could feel it start to break at places. I was very proud of myself for not crying and giving in.

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