Coming closer

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Chapter 14

The warmth from Jake spread over me, instantly making me calm. I felt like home being here with him. I didn’t want to move or let him go. He had rested his head on top of mine and his breath blew threw my hair.

“Your friends were at my house earlier” I told him. His chest vibrated as he gave out a growl. “They were looking for you” I continued ignoring him.

I pulled back and stared into his large, melting eyes. “Why don’t you go home?”

He gave out a noise that sounded like a cry. He was trying to talk to me threw his eyes but I couldn’t understand. He made a frustrated noise when he realised I wasn’t getting any off it.

“Why don’t you shift back and talk to me?” he walked away from me and started pacing. “Jake, what’s the matter?”

He stopped and stared at me. I smiled softly at him. He was distressed about something but wouldn’t shift back and tell me. He walked back over and lay down in front of me; placing his head on his large paws.

I sat down beside him and ran my hands over the fur on his head. I’m never going to get used to how soft it actually is. A purring noise came from his chest when I scratched behind his ear.

“I think you getting yourself confused with a cat” I said with a giggle.

He grumbled and closed his eyes continuing making the noise. He looked so peaceful and pleasant. He was the Jake I always knew, the one that didn’t start fights and would always protect me.

I ran my hands down his neck and over his chest then down over his ribs. I stopped there and probed at the ribs that I could feel threw his fur.

“When was the last time you ate?” I asked worried. There was too much rib here to be natural. At my mention off food his stomach gave off a loud grumble.

“I’ll find you some food” I stood up and he gave a cry sitting up himself. The emotions poured from his eyes, worry, hurt, sadness. I missed the happiness I used to see in Jakes eyes.

“I’m only going to get food. I will be back, I promise” I stroked him on the head one last time and he leaned into my touch.

I search every cupboard for something Jake could eat. There was hardly any food. I needed to go shopping soon. There was packet of biscuits and I grabbed a few of them. I checked up on the stalk in the oven. Nearly done, I could give him some of that. I took a few slices of ham and ready cooked chicken for him as well. I tip toed back out the door making sure Charlie hadn’t heard me.

Running back into the forest I found Jake easily. He was pacing the forest floor and hadn’t heard me arrive back.

“Continue doing that and your going to make a hole in the floor” I told him.

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