Night with a wolf

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Thank you so much for the comments and all!! I’ve got over 3000 reads!! That’s mad!! I love it!! I didn’t expect to get so much!! I love you all!! I hope you don’t mind but I’m making Jake the same age as her. I would prefer it if he was older hope you don’t mind!

Angela was ok with going to Seattle instead of Los Angeles when I asked on Thursday . We had agreed she would stay in my house Friday and leave early Saturday morning. I couldn’t really do anything in the way of changing until Saturday. I replied back to my mum’s emails as soon as I got home. I don’t want her to go mad at me again. That left the rest of the night with nothing to do. I had all my homework done, even some that were due for next week.

I sat on my bed for a while playing the CD Phil got me for my birthday but I was getting bored out off my mind. There was a sharp pain in my chest and I nearly doubled over because of it. I tried to cover it up like the rest but it was like a whole new set off pain. I must have let my mind wander so much I had let my guard down. I never new I was holding in so much pain and it was just for Jacob. Thinking his name made the pain increase. I missed him so much. He probably doesn’t even care how hurt I am over him.

I dragged myself to the window holding in my chest. Hopefully some fresh air would help my heart continue beating. I opened the window and stuck my head out. The cold wind blew my hair in all directions but it helped clear my mind. I couldn’t let the pain take over my life; I had to go to Seatle Saturday and try to sort my life out. My eyes had subconsciously closed. I imagined that the pain was fire and I threw a blanket over it, it was still there but covered up.

Slowly the pain started to dull and breathing got easier. I was shivering now from the cold. A twig snapped and my eyes flashed open looking in the direction I thought it came from. I only saw darkness and shadows of trees but when a shadow started to move and a large figure appeared my heart went wild.

A soft whine came from the figure and more twigs snapped as it moved. I leaned my head out more to try and get a better look at it. It was big and was obviously some sort of animal. It whined again and strangely I recognised it.

“You the one who wouldn’t shut up yesterday” I whispered at it. It probably couldn’t hear or understand but I still did. “What you want now?”

The figure stepped closer and its form became clearer. It was a wolf. It didn’t look nasty though, its head was ducked down and his ears were flat. It was the biggest wolf I have ever seen if I was down there it would no problem be taller than me.

A tug on my heart told me I should go down. It didn’t look scary at all, well not like this. I moved so I was sitting on the window ledge and stared at it. It didn’t make any sign of moving “Do you not have something else to do?” Its only answer was to sit down and stare at me. I couldn’t see his eyes as the shadow was blocking them from my view. “Do you?” I knew it couldn’t answer but it brightened up my mood for a little bit just talking to it. Yeah I know, I was talking to a giant wolf from my window. My mood brightened when it shook its head, it was probably shaking a flee off but it looked like a no to me.

“Do you understand me?” I questioned.

My mood darkened a little again when there was no reply, only staring. It gave in a sniff and slowly moved his head. Was he nodding? Can he actually hear me? I smiled brightly at it. “That is so cool” It made a little noise in his chest, the wolf can not be laughing.

“Can you actually understand me?” It would be really upsetting if it was only randomly moving his head. It nodded again only more quickly. I felt like jumping around and clapping my hands.

“Bark” I needed more evidence it did understand.

It let out a low grumble before giving a small bark. I did clap my hands this time. When does a wolf ever understand you?

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