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The fire had long gone out and just about everyone had left. I waited in the warmth of my truck for Jacob to come back; Sam had called him over just as we were about to leave. We had sat and stared over the cliffs for what felt like years before we were interrupted by Jared stating he was leaving. We had not spoken to each other but we didn't need to, the presence of his warmth was enough to calm me and I think mine had the same effect on him. I was obviously in love with him: more than I could comprehend. When I was with him nothing else matter and it scared me a little, I haven't thought about Edward in a long but he had left a gash in my heart which Jacob has now closed but the scare still remains.

I'm not going to make the same mistake as before but its hard when everything bone in my body is directing me in Jacobs's direction and my mind is still playing catch up, trying to decide is this really what I want. I know it is, Jacob means everything to me but it hurt so badly before. I'm positive he would never leave me, after all that has happened because Sam wouldn't let him see me. Guilt consumes me as I realise how much trouble I have caused him. Because of me he broke the rules, just as Edward did. Only after everything he left and maybe Jacob will too?

The creak of the truck door opening broke me from my thoughts and I quickly tried to brighten my mood. I knew if Jacob asked what was wrong I would tell him everything then he would get worried and he has enough to think about already. I smiled reassuringly at him as he sunk his large figure into the seat.

"I'm exhausted" he sounded it.

"What did Sam want?" I regretted it as soon as the words left my mouth. It was none of my business and he face sunk to a grimace and he leant forward resting his head on the steering well, his large shoulders hunched and the muscles in them straining slowing rises and falling with each breath. I was going to tell him he didn't have to tell me but he spoke before I could.

"He wants me to come back after I leave you home"

"Why?" I didn't want Jacob to leave me tonight; actually I planned for him to stay with me again.

"To sort out boundaries, since I'm not in the pack anymore. Its a rule that a lone wolf can't be on pack land but my father wants me to be able to stay with him and school."

School I had forgot about that nearly. I would have to go tomorrow without seeing Jake. Going back to the main problem I was angry at Sam. How could he try to banish his friend from the land? There has to be some acceptation if the lone wolf is the rightful alpha.

"Explain to me again why you just can't rejoin the pack?" I tried to make my voice as comforting as possible.

"I fought the alpha of my back Bella!" his voice hid risen greatly and he gripped his hair in both hands "I can't just go back, I challenged an alpha and became and alpha myself I can't go back"

"Why don't you become the Alpha then?"

"I... I don't want to run a pack. I'm enjoying the silence in my head the peace to do what I want and if I'm alpha ill have less time with you" He staring lovingly at me over his arm as it still gripped his hair.

I reached over and grabbed his hands, freeing his hair. I slowly pulled him towards me wrapping his hands around my waist and tucking my head in his chin it didn't take long for him to tighten his hold and rest his head on mine. I could smell my body wash on his skin but he still had that woody sent I loved so much.

"Let's get you home" his breath ran over my hair sending a shiver down my spine. Somehow he was able to shift so he could drive with me still resting my head on his shoulder. Nothing was said on the journey, these silences were becoming quite popular for us.

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