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Hey sorry this isn't a chapter! I wont be updating until after Christmas!! I am a little stuck about what am I going to do in the next chapter. Can you please comment and tell me what you think would be best. Here is a wee list I was thinking about!

1. What way should bella react to the wolves? Should she be calm or go kinda crazy?

2.How should Jacob tell her? Make her guess again or what?

3. After Jacob has gone wolf. I think I should make him ignore her. Instead off her going to his house I was thinking she could be on la-push beach with Angela and he sees her. BAM imprint! Not sure though! Also the meadow bit when she first sees the wolves. An imprint could happen there.

4.Whats going to happen with Victoria? 

5. Should the Cullen's come back?

I have got a lot on my mind about this story but I have not given up! Sorry it has took so long to upload and I know this isn't a chapter but It would be of GREAT help if you commented and helped me out here! Thanks for all the comments and votes on the story so far!!

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